Food Rescue

Green Initiative


    Child holding leaf and globe

    “Humans have a special connection with the natural world, and that we are especially charged to be the planet’s protectors and guardians.”                                

    Frances Beineck

    If you’d like to come to see what’s happening in the BMV Community Garden, please sign up for one of the upcoming sessions. You’ll be on hand to weed, water and explore the gardens with students at recess or those that come out with their class to participate. Right now the veggies all look amazing. There is broccoli, cabbage, lettuce tomatoes and more! To volunteer to help with the garden, please contact the school. We still need volunteers. 

    Thank you!


    Additionally, The Miami Heat challenged us to reduce our school’s energy use. We have gladly accepted this challenge and will reduce our energy usage by:

    • Shutting off the lights at the end of the day

    • Shutting down classroom computers at the end of each day

    • Turning off the printer at the end of the day

    • Taking advantage of natural light and using one light


    You may not be aware that when you shut down things or turn them off, but leave them plugged in, a small amount of electricity known as “vampire electricity” is still used, so unplug your machines.


    Whoever affects the Earth and its Future Affects the Children.