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    Broward County Public Schools is providing Naviance Student for all district students in grades 6-12 to help with college and career planning! This world-class system is designed to inform students, parents, and schools with:

    • Researching careers, colleges, and majors
    • Finding local and national scholarships and enrichment programs
    • Exploring students’ career interests, learning styles, personality types, and multiple intelligences
    • Building resumes and holistic portfolios for job and college applications
    • Setting goals and developing personalized plans for success
    • Requesting and sending electronic transcripts
    • Learning about success skills, financial planning, self-discovery, and building support network

    Log on to Plantation High School - Naviance Student

    The student’s login information is:
    User ID:    Student Number (06xxxxxxxx)
    Password:          Birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY)

    Parents will also receive access their child’s Naviance Student account as a guest to view student selected college and career information.

  • Student Activities for College and Career Readiness

    Student Quick Guide -Getting Started Username Password

    Student Quick Guide -Success Planning

    Naviance Student Activities

    Naviance Scope by quarter

    Naviance Assessments Descriptions

  • Resources for Parents

    Parent Brochure

    Parent Quick Guide - College and Career

  • College Planning and Applications Process

    Student Quick Guide to College Planning

    Adding to Colleges I’m Applying To List / Requesting Transcripts & LORs

    Student College App Checklist - No Transcript Request

    Student College App Checklist - Transcript Request

    Student Rec Letter Checklist

  • Matching Common App to Naviance for College App

    Matching Common App to Naviance for College App

  • Research careers, colleges, and majors

    Students will be able to search for and be matched with careers, majors, technical schools, colleges, and universities based upon self-selected criteria. 

    Colleges can be compared side-by-side to make informed decisions about admissions requirements, cost of attendance, programs of study, student activities, and more. 

    Students can take virtual tours of most schools, access admissions applications, and compare their own Core GPA and SAT/ACT scores to those of students in their school who have been accepted/denied from the colleges of interest.

  • Find scholarships and enrichment programs

    Students will be able to search for and be matched with both local and national scholarships based upon their own academic and demographic data. 

    The national Sallie Mae scholarship database is available within Naviance – Family Connection, providing access to over 3 million scholarships, worth more than $13 Billion. 

    BCPS will also add all local scholarships into the system so students can find and match with community-based opportunities.

    Finding Scholarships

  • Explore your interests, styles, personality, and intelligences

    Students can take a variety of research-based self-assessments to learn about their:

    • Personality Type
    • Learning Style
    • Multiple Intelligences
    • Strengths
    • Career Interests

    These results provide recommendations for applying this knowledge to improve study skills, relationships, college selection, and career choices. 

  • Build resumes and portfolios for job and college applications

    Students are guided through the development of each section of a resume that can be printed and used for application to a job or school.

    Videos, photos, or other digital documents can be stored in an electronic locker to remind students of accomplishments when completing applications.

  • Set goals and develop personalized plans

    Students can set academic, behavioral, career, or other goals, then develop a personalized program that outlines the steps to achieve each goal.  Schools can also assign students to complete tasks and monitor completion of each activity. 

  • Request Transcripts

    Students will be able to request copies of their transcripts online and monitor the document’s submission by the high school

  • How to videos for students and parents