Beanstack App

  • Using Beanstack -

    The easiest way I've found is to use the app Beanstack Tracker on your smart phone.  It keeps your child logged in which is a nice feature. 

    If you choose to use it, his/her log in is her student number. 

    The password is his/her birthday with no P or slashes, just two digits for month, two digits for day and two digits for year (081611).  

    To add to the log, you choose Archive, then click on the large plus sign at the bottom of the screen.  

    You can choose to scan the ISBN which is simple and very quick.  

    Scan the ISBN bar code (type in the title if the program doesn't register it), change the date (if you want) and save.  

    **Then tap quick log as complete to add to her log.

    **Check your logs if you’ve used the app before to make sure your books are showing up as COMPLETE.

    *Each book should entered only ONE time in the Titles section.  For grades 2-5 we consider every 150 pages to be a "book", so a book with 300 pages would count twice.

    If you want to continue using Broward County's Single Sign On, please email and I will send them to you.


    Please continue to send your child’s minutes read to his/her teacher!!  I will be adding those to your child’s log under “Multiple”.

    Teachers can pull reports of how much your child is reading throughout the month and I will pull reports as well for our Reading Program monthly rewards. 

    I am always here to answer any questions. 

    Happy Reading!

    Mrs. Cuadra