• Student, Parent and Visitor Arrival and Dismissal
    Parent drop off in the morning may only enter off Stirling Road by the school marquee and should not arrive before 6:50 AM. 
    Parent afternoon pick up for students going home after dismissal must enter campus before 3 PM using the entrance off of Stirling Road by the school marquee and following the parent loop by the front of the school.
    Parents and visitors coming on campus between these times, enter in the similar way, but must pass through a security check point and show proper ID. 
    After 3 PM, students in afternoon activities should be picked up on the south side of campus using the Stirling Road entrance, but making a quick left once entering campus and exit using the same entrance. 

    Please remember as well, all campus visitors and staff are required to follow posted warning & safety signage, blinking lights/signage, speed limits of 5 mph, orange traffic cones and safety directions at all times while on campus.

    Thiis includes a prohibition of cell phone usage while in a parent pick-up lane or driving on campus.