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  • Our Mission 

    The mission of exceptional student education in Florida, a committed alliance

    for the development of the unique gifts of each exceptional person, is to ensure

    the achievement of each and every individual's extraordinary purpose by expanding

    opportunities through collaboration of families, professionals, and communities

    who guarantee the highest expectations and individual success. 


    In Florida, students may be determined eligible for the following programs:

    • Intellectual Disabilities (InD)
    • Speech Impaired (SI)
    • Language Impaired (LI)
    • Deaf/Hard of Hearing (DHH)
    • Visual Impaired (VI)
    • Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities (EBD)
    • Specific Learning Disabled (SLD)
    • Gifted (GIFT)
    • Hospital/Homebound (HH)
    • Dual Sensory Impaired (DSI)
    • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
    • Developmental Delay (DD)
    • Established Condition (EC)
    • Physically Impaired (PI)


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    Mrs. McBorrows  ESE Specialist   754-323-4016   

    Mrs. We -           6th Grade   Support Facilitator  754-323-4011         

    Mrs. Soper -      7th Grade Support Facilitator    754-323-4013 

    Mr. Machado -   8th Grade Support Facilitator    754-323-4047   

    Ms. Aviles - Teacher 

    Ms. Stark  - Teacher


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