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    Pay For Meals Online! Parents may pay for student meals, ice cream, or frozen juice bars using the online payment system, which accepts Visa and Mastercard. Online payments are credited to student accounts within two business days. The payment amount and a small transaction fee of $1.95 are charged to your credit or debit card. Please note the $1.95 fee applies to EACH transaction. Parents may wish to pay for a large number of meals at once to minimize the number of transaction fees charged.

    Paying online lets parents stay up-to-date with their child’s spending in the cafeteria. Parents may also sign up to receive account balance notifications to ensure their child’s account is never empty. With the online payment system, students don’t have to carry money and parents don’t need to come to school to make a last minute payment!

    To make an online payment for meals, parents will need the following:

    • Student's FSI Number, Birthdate, and Address
    • School Name (Oakland Park) and School District (Broward)
    • Valid Parent Email Address for your account

    With this information, (click here) to sign up for an account.  Then, activate the account and login.  Additional information is located on this site.