2019-2020 VPK/Enrichment Application Information

19-20 VPK Application
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    2019-2020 VPK Application Process

     VPK Application Period II began February 26, 2019
    During Application Period II, parents do not need to make an appointment for BRIGANCE Screening. Students that are selected for enrollment will be screened during the first 60 days of school in the Fall. This will not affect your child’s ability to be selected for the program.

    To apply for our VPK program for the 2019-2020 school year, please do the following:


    Step 1. Apply for the VPK Certificate of Eligibility via the State’s online application (State of Florida - ELC Family Portal Website). Once you receive your certificate via email, return to our website and upload your signed 2019-2020 VPK Certificate of Eligibility. 

    Step 2. Complete the online VPK Pre-Application*new applicants only

    Step 3. Complete the document below:

    *Applications will be considered incomplete until all documents have been received and all steps completed.

    NOTE: Unlike the application process for Head Start, VPK does not require an in-person interview.

    NOTE: Our new online Pre-Application will not allow you to move forward if your email address was previously used to apply for either Head Start or VPK through our system.     

    Please use our school directories search below to find a school near you that offers our VPK program. For a list of all VPK/Enrichment schools see below. To find your BCPS home school, click here.    

    Important Information about Entering Kindergarten after Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK)
    Selection for a Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) program at a school does not guarantee placement for Kindergarten at the same school. If your child is selected or offered a seat in a Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) class that is not your boundary school, you must apply for and receive a reassignment in order for your child to attend Kindergarten at the same school. To learn about the reassignment process, please visit the School Choice website.

2019-2020 VPK/Enrichment School Search

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  • Eligibility & Required Documents

    Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) Eligibility:

    • The child must be 4-years-old on or before September 1st of the current school year
    • The child must be a resident of the State of Florida
    • For free, VPK programs funded by Title I, the student must live within the boundary of the Title I school

    When applying for the VPK Program, the following documents are required:

    • Proof of age (example: child's ORIGINAL birth certificate)
    • Proof of Broward County residency
    • Parent’s photo identification (driver’s license, State ID, etc.)

    There is a 2-step process to apply for any District VPK program:

    • Parents must obtain a VPK Certificate of Eligibility. In order to do this, a valid email address is required.
      • Applications for the VPK Certificate of Eligibility are submitted online through the State’s Single Point of Entry (SPE) system: https://familyservices.floridaearlylearning.com/
      • Proof of residence and proof of age must be uploaded into the SPE system.
      • A VPK Certificate of Eligibility will be emailed to the applicant.

2019-2020 VPK Additional Information

  • Student Selection

    Due to the high demand, Federal, State and District requirements, a selection process must occur in order to ensure equity for selection in our Pre-K classes.  Students are selected for enrollment in one of two ways:

    •  Title I Selection Process – This process is used to select students that are applying for the full school day, free Pre-K class supported by VPK and Federally-funded Title I. It involves using multiple, education-related, objective criteria for selection of students. Students are selected based upon academic need using the information you provide through the online application AND the BRIGANCE screening. Priority is given to students living within the school’s attendance boundary.
    • Lottery Process – This process is used to select students that are applying for the full school day, Pre-K class supported by VPK and in some cases, parent tuition (fees). There are seats for parents interested in a free, 3-hour, VPK only opportunity and seats for families interested in a full day program. Students are selected based upon a random selection. Priority is given to students living within the school’s attendance boundary.

     For more information, please contact the Head Start/Early Intervention Department, VPK Office at 754-321-1961. 

Pre-Application Link

  • Attention: If you have previously applied with the Broward County VPK program, our new online Pre-Application may not allow you to move forward if your email is in our database.  

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