• Florida College and Career Transition Club (CCT Club)

    • Faculty Sponsor: Debra Covard, Nicole Hicks and Danielle Ramirez

      Description: The purpose of the CCT Club is to increase awareness of Florida Postsecondary Comprehensive Transition Program opportunities and help students with intellectual disabilities prepare for and access those opportunities across Florida.

      Club advisors will support students as they learn to explore career pathways and postsecondary education options. Students will work together to identify and explore college and career opportunities, engage in mentoring, and participate in events and activities within the school, and the community to build college and career transition plans/portfolios.

      Membership Requirements: CCT Club will be inclusive, with membership adequately representing these three groups: (1) students with intellectual disabilities, (2) students with disabilities other than intellectual disabilities, and (3) students without disabilities.

      Frequency: TBA