Family Community Partnerships

  • Bright Horizons School continues to build partnerships with our families by providing our Family Learning Series on a monthly basis. The focus of our Family Learning Series is to provide you with valuable information and new ideas related to specific topics. In addition, we want to create and continue our partnership between the school and our families, while providing an opportunity to meet other families and staff at Bright Horizons School.  Some of the topics for the series include daily living and independence training, increasing positive sleeping habits, working with problem behaviors, sensory issues and strategies, community resources and communication training.


    In addition to our family partnerships, Bright Horizons School continues to provide collaborative activities between students and our community/business partners, which increases achievement for all students. The partnership between Bright Horizons

    School and all of our community partners demonstrate the commitment and determination in attempting innovative approaches for enhancing educational opportunities for our students. Our community partners increase the opportunities for our students related to Community Based Instruction (CBI) and in-school vocational training.  These activities for our students are aligned with our school improvement goals for increasing functional skills for each student.


    The vision of Bright Horizons School enhances the quality of life for all students, providing them with a personalized learning experience and comprehensive wrap-around services. The services for each student are a team-based approach that is proactive and respects the dignity of each student. A shared commitment between the home, school and the community to promote the independence needed to face the challenges of daily life, to ensure that our students’ diverse needs are met.