• Are you late to school?
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    Blanche Ely High School recognizes and reinforces how important regular attendance is to class on a daily basis, which includes tardies.  Students are required to be inside the classroom when the tardy bell rings each block.  If a student does not make it to class before the tardy bell, he/she is directed to Internal Suspension (IS) for lockout.  Habitual students are referred to Administration for interventions and/or consequences.  Each case is handled on a student-by-student basis.  FOR FIRST BLOCK TARDIES - Parents are required to physically walk in to the magnet office for the student to obtain an excused tardy pass.  If you have physical limitations, you may call the school and ask to speak to your child's Guidance Counselor or Administrator.  

    Students - Do not go searching for a pass.  If a parent did not walk you in, you must report to Room 184 for IS.

    If you are late to any subsequent block, you must report directly to Room 184.  Failure to report to IS is considered a class cut and progressive discipline will apply.

    Sign In/Sign Out -

    Parents/Guardians who sign their child in or out of school must report to the Magnet Office and sign the sign-in/sign-out sheet.  Also, please be advised that if you are not on the contact list the district database, you will not be authorized to see the student or sign him/her out of school.  If you have concerns or would like to update your contact list, please contact the school's registrar to update your records.