Photography Club Clipart

Photography & Journalism Club

  • Students are selected from Grades 4 & 5 to participate in the Photography Yearbook & Journalism Club, the beginning of each school year, through an essay contest.

    These students, under the direction of our Micro-Tech Specialist at Pasadena Lakes, learn how to use the camera to take photos to be used in the Yearbook as well as contribute written articles to be used in our parent newsletter, The Panther Scoop.

    All participants will attend a monthly mandatory meeting at which time they are given their photo & journalism assignments and/or tasks for the month.

    The Photography Yearbook & Journalism Club begins September and ends April.


    Some of the events that are covered include.....

    Themed Dress Days
    Spirit Week
    Field Day Week
    Special Events held at school and/or off campus