•  Young Reporters for the Environment





    Plentiful Plastic Problem


    When you step in the sand, there're pieces of plastic everywhere. Also, there is 100 million tons of plastic in the ocean. This comes from littering plastic, which will blow away and get washed up by waves. They look like jellyfish in the ocean. Sea turtles eat jellyfish, and the plastic will get consumed by the turtle and put its life in danger. Don't let this happen anymore. 

    One solution is to pick it up and use reusable things. Also, people can educate about this problem. There are many ways to stop the harm, now it's time for you to act! 




    Have you ever thought about what happens when balloons are released?  Well, most of us think balloons are  just for fun and don't do any damage. But, there's a whole other side to the story.

    Did you know when balloons are released in the air they expand, then explode.  When they explode at high altitudes, they form a jellyfish shape.  Mistaken for jellyfish, over 100,000 marine mammals die each year from eating  these balloons.  

    Let's use alternatives like bubbles, kites, ribbons, drumming, planting trees.