New Students

  • Age Requirements


    Child must be 5 years old on or before September 1.

    First Grade

    Child must be 6 years old on or before September 1, and must have been enrolled in a public school or must have satisfactorily completed kindergarten in a nonpublic school.


    How to Register for School

    So you want to register your child in our school? No problem!

    Make sure that we are the correct school. To find out the school(s) assigned to your home address, you can either use our School Locator feature or call the District's Innovative Programs Department at 754-321-2380. You must provide your specific street address and your child's grade level and the office will determine the correct school your child is supposed to attend


    For information on how to register your child for school, please visit the link below.


    Submit one form of verification of the student’s age in the order set forth below:. Official Birth Certificate. A duly attested transcript of the child’s birth record filed according to law with a public officer charged with the duty of recording births.

    If  you need assistance with the registration process please contact us at


    If you need assistance with the withdrawal process please contact us at