• After Care Hours: 1:50-6:00PM and Early Release Days 11:50AM-6:00PM

    A late pick up fee is charged if students are not picked up by program close time.

    Program Fees

    BASCC programs are not drop in programs. Parents must pay in advance for services. Children receive care every day the school is open including early release days.

    School Board Operated programs currently charge parents a $30.00 registration fee per child. The fee is paid prior to entry into the program, and again for any re-entry throughout the

    school year. 


    Registration: $30 (as described above)

    Late Pick Up Fees: 6:01-6:15PM $15; 6:16-6:30PM $30; 6:31-6:45PM $45; 6:46-7:00PM $60