Campaigns & Initiatives

  • The Campaigns represent six major themes of the Strategic Plan, and illustrate the collaborative and cross-functional approach required to achieve all three of the District’s Strategic Goals:
    High-Quality Instruction, Safe & Supportive Environment, and Effective Communication. 
    Our Initiatives are bundled underneath each of the Campaigns.

  • Student Experience

    Student Experience

    To ensure that students are engaged in school, motivated to attend every day, and prepared for future challenges, it is critical that we set up all stakeholders for success.  This includes consistently providing service which is both personalized and high-quality in order to meet individual needs.

    Initiative 1: Achievement & Equity
    Close disparities in absolute levels of achievement, learning gains, and opportunities across the PreK-12 spectrum to ensure the highest and most equitable outcomes for all students.

    Initiative 2: College, Career, & Life Readiness (PreK-Adult)
    Establish a cadence of experiences implemented across PreK-Adult that meet our expectations for all students to have the academic as well as interpersonal skills to be prepared for higher education, early employability, and civic engagement.

    Initiative 3: Personalized Pathways
    Enhance and expand personalized educational pathways, inclusive of college and career pathways, and ensure equitable access to innovative programs.

    Initiative 4: Enrollment Opportunity Optimization
    Analyze enrollment trends, and the capacity of existing school programs and facilities to determine how to maximize those resources to most effectively meet the needs of students, staff, and the community.


  • Support Services for All

    Support Services for All

    It is vital that students, families, and staff all have equitable access to supports they need in order to be healthy, valued, and productive, and resilient.

    Initiative 1: Student, Employee, & Supplier Diversity
    Cultivate an equitable, inclusive, and diverse environment for all stakeholders through a variety of best practices.

    Initiative 2: Prevention, Intervention, & Assistance
    Develop enhanced academic, physical, mental, and behavioral supports for all stakeholders which serve to improve academic achievement, student attendance, discipline and behavior, and District-wide recovery efforts.

    Initiative 3: Social-Emotional Learning
    Establish a unifying, District-wide framework for social-emotional learning (SEL), including best practices for program implementation, use of tools, and communication protocols.

  • Retain, Develop, & Recruit

    Retain, Develop, and Recruit

    A stable, skilled workforce is key to the development and outcomes of our students.  We strive to ensure that we recruit the highest-qualified staff, and provide adequate resources for development and opportunities for professional learning, to ensure their long-term success.

    Initiative 1: Employee Retention & Recruitment
    Evaluate and update job descriptions District-wide to reflect the current and future environmental needs of the community. Ensure the retention, development, engagement, and recruitment of a quality workforce.

    Initiative 2: Professional Learning for All
    Provide a cohesive and deliberate plan of action to ensure that professional learning is intentional, monitored, supported, valued, and sustained to ensure positive impact on teaching, learning, job performance, and career growth and development.

    Initiative 3: Organizational Structure & Aligned Funding
    Ensure proper alignment of organizational structure and funding to best support employee retention, development, and recruitment.

  • Our Data, Our Tools

    Our Data, Our Tools

    Sound decisions are based on sound data.  Ensuring that data are collected and reported accurately, completely, securely, and with common definitions, provides the essential foundation for future decision-making.

    Initiative 1: Data Governance & Use
    Establish and enforce a data governance network which facilitates optimal data quality, ownership, access, security, and confidentiality.

    Initiative 2: Tool Development, Implementation, & Use
    Enhance interoperability and accessibility of systems, for increased process efficiencies and effective use of data for decision-making.

  • Refresh, Redesign, & Reduce Risk

    Refresh, Redesign, and Reduce Risk

    As new challenges arise, we need to have the flexibility and responsiveness to review and identify opportunities for continual process improvement.  This helps facilitate optimal operational efficiency, the reduction of risk throughout the organization, and the ideal environment to support success for all.

    Initiative 1: Operational & Process Improvement
    Facilitate a culture of continuous improvement by performing periodic reviews and improvements of processes at all District and school levels, for optimizing operational efficiencies, reducing waste, and saving costs.

    Initiative 2: Facilities & Asset Management
    Ensure that BCPS’s portfolio is aligned with its mission and with demand for services. Where demand exceeds District resources, institute unbiased, data-driven approaches for setting priorities and evaluating alternatives.

    Initiative 3: Safety, Security, & Risk Mitigation
    Establish a resilient and responsive organization prepared to address all risks, threats, and potential vulnerabilities.

  • Let’s Connect

    Let’s Connect

    Relationships, built on sound communications, are essential to ensuring the success of the District and the students we serve.  To this end, we build trust through open, transparent, and effective communication to engage both our internal and external stakeholders.

    Initiative 1: Public Relations, Partnerships, & Legislation
    Develop effective external communication processes (timely, complete, high quality) to meet the needs of families and community members, including business, higher education, legislative, non-profit organizations, and other community partners.

    Initiative 2: Internal Communication
    Develop effective internal communication processes (timely, complete, high quality) to meet the needs of all schools and District offices.

    Initiative 3: Marketing
    Develop and market a brand strategy that promotes the importance and value Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) delivers to the community.

    Initiative 4: Customer Service
    Provide a positive, engaging, and caring experience to all stakeholders by maintaining and enhancing communications and interactions through quality service delivered in a professional manner.

    Initiative 5: Family & Community Engagement
    Amplify family and community voice with equitable, multi-directional communication, sustained engagement, calls to action, and feedback loops to ensure a relevant response to stakeholder needs.

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