Strategic Goals

  • The District is focused on three Strategic Goals of High-Quality Instruction, Safe & Supportive Environment, and Effective Communication.  This plan articulates these specific Goals and describes the Key Tactics and opportunities for continuous improvement identified to accomplish them.  

    This plan serves as both a guiding document for the District, as well as a platform for communicating performance and change management to our stakeholders. This should be considered a dynamic, living document, which will be reviewed and revised as needed so that as an organization, we remain flexible and responsive to the evolving needs of our community.

  • High-Quality Instruction

    High-Quality Instruction

    Teaching and learning is our core business.
    Learning includes mastering academic standards, undergoing social-emotional development, and applying knowledge and skills in new situations.  We continuously focus on providing high-quality instruction from pre-kindergarten through adult.
    Our benchmarking of progress, achievement, and growth will ensure all students’ needs are met along their personalized educational pathways toward college, career, and life readiness.

  • Safe & Supportive Environment

    Safe & Supportive Environment

    We recognize that students and staff need to feel safe and supported in order to perform and achieve at their maximum potential.
    Therefore, we strive to develop approaches which foster safer schools and buildings, adequate social and emotional supports for students and staff, innovative and efficient systems and processes, and quality professional learning opportunities for all.

  • Effective Communication

    Effective Communication

    We strive to increase the effectiveness of both our internal and external communications with stakeholders, to convey and accomplish our District’s Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Goals, as well as to leverage feedback to continually improve our services.
    Additionally, we work diligently to implement effective marketing strategies to enhance public perception of BCPS and the value we provide to our community.

Strategic Initiative Management

  • Strategic Initiative Management

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