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  • The Strategic Plan Initiatives are each designed so that when fully implemented in concert, they will move the District forward towards meeting the three Strategic Goals.  Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have been operationalized as Metrics to align with the Strategic Goals, as outlined on the following page.  Baseline information as of the 2018-19 school year or three-year averages where appropriate are provided, as well as Targets for future year(s). 

    The District has adopted the SMARTER goal-setting and budget-alignment framework prescribed by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA), as illustrated below.  Targets are set based on a methodology including historical trend analysis; peer District comparisons; statistical analysis; best practices identified at the national, state, and local levels; relevant compliance standards; projections based on both external and internal factors influencing future direction; resource availability; and stakeholder input as consideration toward refinement.  Progress will be carefully monitored and regularly reviewed.  Targets will be recalibrated annually as needed based on those reviews.   

    We also ensure alignment of our Metrics and Targets to the Council of the Great City Schools (CGCS) for national benchmarking of KPIs across both Academics and Operations areas where appropriate; Cognia (formerly AdvancEd) for meeting standards of accreditation; the Florida Department of Education (FL DOE) for compliance with State statutory requirements; and the US Department of Education for compliance with such requirements as the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

  •  High-Quality Instruction Strategic Goal: High-Quality Instruction

    • School Academic Performance
    • Student Academic Performance
    • Graduation Rate
    • Connection to School
    • College and Career Exploration
    • Personalized Educational Pathways

     Safe & Supportive Environment Strategic Goal: Safe & Supportive Environment

    • Safety Preparedness
    • Perceptions of Safety and Supports
    • Student Attendance
    • Teacher Retention
    • Professional Learning
    • Student Behavior Supports
    • Social-Emotional Learning
    • Operational Efficiency

     Effective Communication Strategic Goal: Effective Communication

    • Perceptions of Communication
    • Community Partnerships
    • Communications Ambassadors
    • Family Connection
    • Positive Media Coverage
    • Social Media Usage


    1. In some cases, data needs to be gathered to establish baselines and Targets. Alert: data needs to be gathered to establish baselines and Targets
    2. Targets will be based on the Ghosh statistical model where appropriate, using three-year averages for baselines when available, and a 90% or 95% confidence interval applied as indicated.
    3. Specific Targets and progress on the Primary Metrics as outlined on the following pages will be available through the Strategic Plan Dashboards and Annual Outcomes Reports published by the Office of Strategic Initiative Management.
    4. See separate Metrics Appendix for complete data definitions.

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