Structure of the Strategic Plan

  • The District’s Strategic Plan is built in layers and cascades from our Vision, Mission, and Core Values.  These guiding principles are supported and realized through Strategic Goals, which translate ideas into action.

    Structure of the Strategic Plan

    Our three Strategic Goals are High-Quality Instruction, Safe & Supportive Environment, and Effective Communication. The Goals are monitored via defined quantitative Metrics, and are supported through the six Campaigns. Each Campaign includes multiple Initiatives bundled beneath it. These Campaigns underscore the collaborative and cross-functional approach required to achieve the District's Strategic Goals.

    Progress for each Initiative, and hence the associated Campaign, is monitored based on the completion of defined Tactics as leading activities. Embedded within the lists of Tactics for each Initative are Continuous Improvement Ideas.

    NOTE: The Key Tactics included for each Initiative in this document are only a subset of the full list of leading activities and tasks identified, which can be found within the detailed Project Plans housed separately.

The District's Six Campaigns

    1. Student Experience
    2. Support Services for All
    3. Retain, Develop, & Recruit
    4. Refresh, Redesign, & Reduce Risk
    5. Let's Connect
    6. Our Data, Our Tools

    The District's Six Campaigns

Strategic Initiative Management

  • Strategic Initiative Management

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