Student Unified Dress Code

  • The District’s Code of Student Conduct lists the School Board’s approved dress code. However, Stirling Elementary adopted a unified dress code that is particular to the school and augments the District’s guidelines. On Fridays, PTA spirit or special school-related shirts may be worn.

    At Stirling Elementary, we strive to have pride in our school and our student body. We feel that a uniform dress code unifies the students and creates a sense of belonging in a better learning environment. The uniform consists of the following:


    • Colors
      • Dark Green
      • White
      • Navy Blue 
    • Styles
      • Solid Collared polo-style or buttoned-up shirts
      • Long or short-sleeved
      • No tank tops
      • No Lycra or Spandex
      • No emblems or logos (except school logo)
      • Clothing that exposes the torso is not allowed


    • Colors
      • Khaki/ Tan
      • Dark Green / Green Plaid
      • Navy blue
      • Black
    • Styles
      • Shorts longer than mid-thigh
      • Skirts longer than mid-thigh
      • Long pants
      • With or without pleats
      • No over-sized or cargo pants
      • No Lycra or Spandex
      • No emblems or logos (except school logo)
      • Shorts, skirts, and pants should be worn at the waist

    Shoes     Must be worn at all times and cannot be backless.

    DISTRICT CODE: For the District’s basic standard dress code, please refer to the “Code of Student Conduct.”

    WAIVER: The staff encourages participation in our school’s Unified Dress Code. However, parents can request a waiver, at the school, to have their children exempted. It must be submitted to the school within the first 10 days of school or within 10 days of a new registration. Students will still be required to adhere to the District’s dress code.

    (If staff cannot find an outer garment to cover inappropriate clothing, the parent/guardian may be contacted to bring the child something else to wear.)