Student Services

  • Classroom Guidance Program: All students are presented with materials dealing with self-awareness, decision making, conflict resolution, and substance awareness. Counseling services are provided on a limited basis. The school counselor is available to discuss study habits, grades, test scores, and family problems to offer support.

    Social and Emotional Learning Program: Student service professionals are ready to provide support and/or guidance as needed. All students are provided with academic and emotional support through our social and emotional learning program implemented by the Student Services Team. The team includes our social worker, school nurse, school counselor, ESE counselor, and speech therapist. Some of the issues addressed involve self and social awareness, decision making, relationship skills, study habits, and substance awareness.

    Multi-tiered Systems of Supports/Response to Intervention: When a child presents difficulty when grasping and retaining grade-level concepts, our MTSS/RtI committee convenes to ensure that your child receives varying levels of academic and behavior supports based on his or her need. Part of this process is early identification of academic or behavioral supports based on the student’s need. Over time, assistance for the student will increase or decrease based on intervention. As the parent, you are encouraged to participate and become involved in the planning and providing interventions to help your child. Please visit the following links for further information.

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