• Plus (+) Grades

    Letter grades displaying plus signs shall be used in the calculation of the local (district) weighted grade point average for the purpose of determining class rank and will not be used for determining athletic eligibility or in meeting the graduation requirements (FS 1003.437). Plus grades are not recognized by the Bright Future Scholarship Program.

    Incomplete Grade

    An “I” is given as an opportunity for students to make up incomplete class work or for students who require additional time to demonstrate mastery of course standards. Class work should be made up prior to the 40th day of the next marking period. If the work remains incomplete or unsatisfactory at the end of this period, the “I” will convert to an “F”. The principal may extend the deadline.

    Semester Grades

    At the high school level, credit is granted on the semester basis. One-half credit is given for passing a semester’s work in a course. The semester grade for each course is determined by totaling the points earned in both quarter grading periods and the points earned on the semester examination. For schools implementing a “4x4” block schedule, one semester is equivalent to a nine-week period of time. For schools on a rotator schedule, one semester is equivalent to an 18 week period of time.

    To receive a passing mark for the semester grade in a subject, the student shall have previously earned at least a passing mark in:

    1. both quarter grading periods, or
    2. one quarter grading period and the semester examination.

    The weight of each quarter grade is 37.50% of the final semester grade. The weight of the final examination is 25% of the final semester grade. Any student with a GPA below 2.5 shall have their parent or guardian notified that good work is necessary to ensure that high school graduation requirements are met. Students will be assisted in meeting these requirements through a variety of options which may include, but are not limited to:

    • forgiveness policy,
    • extended learning,
    • special counseling,
    • volunteer and/or peer tutors,
    • school-sponsored help sessions,
    • homework hotlines
    • study skills classes,
    • co-enrollment.


    All Grades Aren’t Equal!
    Each quarter grade equals 37.5 percent of the final semester grade.  The final exam grade equals 25 percent.

The following grading system is used in the high schools: (FS 1003.437)
Follow the chart to calculate your semester grade:
The semester grade is assigned as follows - Remember: Passing 2 out of 3 is a Must!