• What happens if I can not go and pick up on my scheduled day?
    We do allow for pick up after your scheduled day has already passed. You may only pick up schedules and textbooks during the time frames if your scheduled date and time has already passed. After August 9th, you may only pick up your schedule and textbooks will be picked up during lunch or after school once school starts.

    Can I pick my friends books?
    No, you may not. We only allow parents/guardians to pick up for the student if necessary.

    If I change my schedule how do I get the book for the new course?
    The textbook room is open during lunch and afterschool the first 2 weeks of school. You may also stop by room 210 to arrange to get a textbook you may need.

    Where do I pay my obligations?
    Obligations can be paid directly to the bookkeeper in the front office or you may pay them online at stonemandouglashigh.com under online payments.

    Can I bring family members with me to distribution?
    In order to make the distribution process smoother and faster, we encourage you to limit the number of people you bring with you.

    Can I change my schedule at distribution?
    There will be forms available to fill out if there seems to be an issue with your schedule. The forms will be placed in a box and delivered to guidance for review.

    Is there an online option for all books? What happens if I change my mind and decide I want a book later?
    Most of our textbooks are available online and we encourage utilizing this version of the textbook. If at any time you see that online books are not working for you, you may stop by the book room and pick up a hard copy of your textbook if it's available.

    Will I get a textbook for each of my classes?
    No, you might not get a book for each class. Some classes have textbooks that are only required in class and others will not have a hard copy textbook. Some books may be consumable workbooks while others are available online.

    My parents do not live in the same house. Can I have two sets of books?
    Unfortunately, we are only funded one set of books per student. However, there are online options, or you can order extra books from online vendors such as Amazon.