Graduation Requirements

    • Student eligibility for graduation in Spring 2020 will meet only credits earned and minimum GPA requirements based on the diploma option. All state testing and concordance requirements have been waived for the class of 2020 only. 
    • Community service hours requirements for graduation in Spring 2020 will be waived for graduation this school year. Students who need serivce hours for scholarship eligibility are strongly encouraged to find ways to contribute to their family and community in ways above and beyond regular responsibilities and chores. Eligibility for Florida Bright Futures scholarships shall be based only on data that is available, per FLDOE.
    • Students who are able to provide community service through physical efforts or digital means should maintain a record of the time and the product/contribution for submittal upon return. The BCPS Service Learning log sheet is available at


    What you need to Graduate

    • English 4.0
    • Mathematics 4.0 (Including Algebra 1 & Geometry)
    • Science 3.0 (Including Biology and 2 additional Science that include a lab)
    • Social Studies 3.0(World History, American History, American Govt/Economics)
    • Health/LMS .5, Personal Fitness .5, and PE .5


    • HOPE 1 Credit
    • 1 Credit of Fine or Performing Arts
    • Electives 8
    • World Languages 2 Credits of the same language required for college admission and Bright Futures Scholarship

    Total Credits Required 24

    Other Graduation Requirements

    • 40 Hours of Community Service
    • Earn passing score on FCAT 2.0 Reading or Concordant ACT/SAT score
    • 2.0 Unweighted GPA
    • Earn passing score on End-of-Course (EOC) Exams
    • Complete a full course online and earn the credit.


    Graduation Requirements by Graduation Year & Diploma Designation Options 

     BCPS Graduation Requirement Website