Assistant Principal's Message

  • Intern Principal Lindsay Greetings Hollywood Park Family!

    As we embark on the 2020-21 school year, I would like to say that last year was filled with great accomplishments for our students socially and academically. We also increased our parent participation in our daily and extra-curricular activities tremendously. Students rose to the expectations of their teachers and continued on the path of College and Career Readiness. Thanks to our awesome teachers and outstanding students, we are now a “B” rated school!

    Our goal for this school year is to continue making positive strides via teacher, District and the State Assessments. Our school community is looking forward to capitalizing on our academic gains by providing instruction that is meaningful and relevant to each student’s individual achievement level through small group and differentiated instruction.

    Our “Young Men of Purpose” mentoring program will continue to lay the foundation to positively impact our school’s culture. This year we will focus our energies on developing leadership qualities that will take our students to the next level in their character development.

    By working together, our students and community will continue to grow in the “right” direction. I encourage all parents to take an active role in your child’s educational success by becoming intimately involved in his / her daily learning experiences.

    I’m looking forward to a positive and successful year of both academic and social growth. With this sentiment at the forefront of our minds and hearts, I know we can accomplish great things!


    Best wishes,

    Antonio Lindsay, Intern Principal

    Hollywood Park Elementary