• Service Learning Graduation Requirement

    All students seeking a Standard High School Diploma are required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of community service. The Bright Futures Florida Medallion Scholars Award requires 75 hours of volunteer service.  The Bright Futures Florida Academic Scholars Award requires 100 hours of volunteer service. Students completing 250 or more hours will receive a silver cord at graduation. It is recommended that students turn in hours as they complete them at the grade level.  Hours are due to school coordinator before April 1st of a students last year of high school.  It is suggested that students keep a copy of their hours for their own records and verification.

    COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS - What does and doesn't count? 

    • Volunteer hours may be earned within the school, community or for any non-profit or charitable organization. 
    • Students may not perform hours for any “for profit” businesses such as doctors, attorneys, stores, or restaurants.   
    • Hours do not count if you have been financially compensated.   
    • Time out of class may not be used for service hours.
    • A parent or fellow student cannot sign off on service hours performed.
    • Service hours performed as a result of disciplinary action for the school or courts do not count.
    • Hours do not count at for-profit summer camps.

    Complete Part A, Part B & Part C of the Student Volunteer Service Application and Approval Form and return it to your Service Learning Coordinator prior to the volunteer start date for approval. This assures that the agency the student is volunteering for falls within Broward County Schools’ guidelines. If students do not submit an Approval Form, they run the risk of their hours not qualifying under those guidelines. Community Service Hours are to be recorded on the Student Volunteer/Community Service Log Sheet.  List volunteer hours each day that they were performed.

    Drop completed forms at the attendance window or email to Veronica Bruns at veronica.bruns@browardschools.com

    BCSB Service Learning Guidelines

    Student Volunteer Service Brochure

    Student Volunteer Service Application and Approval Form

    Student Volunteer/Community Service Log Sheet