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  • Attendance data is closely associated with academic outcomes for students. Continuous monitoring of attendance can help schools determine areas of need within their attendance campaign.

    Attendance categories are based on the percent of days that an individual student attends school. The total number of students in each category is used to determine the percent of the student population for each category listed below:

    • Regular Attenders: Students attending more than 95% of school days within the measured time frame.
    • At-Risk Attenders: Students attending 90.1-95% of school days within the measured time frame.
    • Chronic Absence: All students absent 10% or more days are chronically absent. BCPS practice identifies chronic absence from 10-19.9% days absent of possible school days. At 20% or more absences, students are in the Severe Chronic Absence category.
    • Severe Chronic Absence: Students absent 20% or more school days. Severe Chronic Absent students may need the highest levels of support and interventions.

    Parents are encouraged to help Broward Schools meet our goal of increasing the number of students that attend school regularly. Attendance Counts: All Day, Every Day!

    Factors that may affect school-based data:

    Data snapshots will be recorded at the end of each quarter. This is a new process beginning with the 2019/20 school year. The data is based on the attendance entries from teachers and attendance clerks up to the day of the data download. Attendance may be revised as corrections are made beyond the data snapshot date. Data sets are large enough to consider these snapshots to be a close reflection of overall school attendance.

    Center Schools have unique populations with varying needs of supports. When comparing school outcomes, it should be noted that Center Schools are working to accommodate students with very challenging barriers related to health, development, behavior, and family needs.

    How to Use This Information:

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    This database will show the quarterly progression of changes in attendance for each attendance category throughout the 2019/20 school year. We also include the 2018/19 end-of-school year totals from the Student Attendance Report published in December 2019 by the Student Assessment & Research Department. Comparing the end of school year with each quarter may help a school identify which times of year are best to increase parent engagement around student attendance.

Excused vs. Unexcused Absences

  • Multiple years of data suggests that students with less than 9 absences are more likely to meet or exceed academic proficiency. Analysis of attendance data in the reports from the Student Assessment & Research Department also indicate that students whose absences are excused are more likely to perform better on standardized tests than students with more unexcused absences.

    The database below provides data for the first semester of the 2019/20 school year for excused vs. unexcused absences at each Broward School. The data also includes averages from the District and the school type for comparison. Suspensions were not included in this data set, therefore total absences may not equal 100%.

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Data Snapshot through December 19, 2019

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