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    Next SAC meeting will be April 25, 2019 in Mrs. Thelmas' office at 7.30 am

    SAC agenda for May 22, 2019

    SAC agenda for April 25, 2019

    SAC agenda for March 14, 2019

    SAC agenda for February 21, 2019

    SAC agenda for January 24, 2019

    SAC agenda for December 20, 2018

    SAC agenda for November 29, 2018

    SAC agenda for October 25, 2018

    SAC agenda for September 27, 2018



    SAC meeting minutes May 22, 2019

    SAC meeting minutes April 25, 2019

    SAC meeting minutes March 14, 2019

    SAC meeting minutes February 21, 2019

    SAC meeting minutes January 24, 2019

    SAC meeting minutes December 20, 2018

    SAC meeting minutes November 29, 2018

    SAC meeting minutes October 25, 2018

    SAC meeting minutes September 27, 2018

    Next SAF meeting will be March 20, 2019 at McArthur High school at 8.30 am

    All are welcome!

    School Improvement is an absolute priority for all Broward schools. To make it happen, every school has a school Advisory Council which studies the school's track record and comes up with an annual plan to improve education in vital areas such as: student achievement, curriculum, safety and discipline. These plans are on file at every school. Call us if you would like to be a part of this great team.

    Coconut Palm School Improvement Plan 2018-2019

    What is the SAC Committee?

    The School Advisory Council (SAC) is a team of people representing various segments of the community–parents, teachers, students, administrators, support staff, business/ industry people and other interested community members.

    What do they do?

    SAC member gather to discuss the school’s academic plan and progress. They discuss the School Improvement Plan - a plan made of goals and objectives established for the school determined by needs. The purpose of the School Improvement Plan is to increase student performance. The SAC committee assists the school principal with budget and recommendation on how school monies are spent or allocated.

    How can parents get involved and participate in the SAC committee?

    Parents are encouraged to attend the monthly meeting of the SAC committee at their child’s school.

    Why is it important for parents to be active participants?

    • The SAC committee provides a place where parents can voice their opinions and suggestions. They have an active role in making decisions that will best serve the students.
    • SAC also gives the opportunity for parents to actively participate in setting goals and making plans to achieve those academic goals.
    • SAC allows for parents to identify issues that need to be addressed concerning the school climate.


    What is SAF?

    The School Advisory Forum (SAF) is open to all members of the school and community. The Forum has one member to report to the School Advisory Council, which then sends a representative to the district SAC. The district SAC acts as advisors, mentors, and advocates to both the district and to each school advisory council. At a School Advisory Forum all present will:

    • Plan, develop, and implement parent/community programs and training activities.
    • Address parent/community concerns; work with administration to solve problems and initiate desired changes.
    • Identify and coordinates the use of community resources to improve student achievement and school effectiveness.
    • Participate in increasing/sustaining high levels of community support for the school.
    • Assist SAC in identifying the educational needs and priorities of the school.
    • Participate in the preparation of the budget, and review budget related concerns.
    • Advocated for positive change in the school.
    • Remain current with school, district, state, and national issues.
    • Jointly works with School Board Members, Superintendent, and local Government officials.

    Facilities, Safety, Legislative, ESE, ESOL, Boundaries, Curriculum, Dress code, and Transportation are all issues addressed by SAF.

    What can be accomplished if I participate in SAF?

    Over the years, it has been parents, teachers, community members, etc. who have made positive changes in schools. These changes can be at the school level, district level, state level and within the community or city. From the school level, parents like you made the following changes:

    • Instead of having social security number to identify children, the schools now use a new randomly generated number to prevent identify theft and other privacy issues.
    • Defibrillators are now at every high school. A defibrillator is a machine used to shock the victim's heart and restore the heart's normal rhythmic patterns. When a defibrillator is used, it in effect kicks the heart into action again, causing it to resume sending blood throughout the body. This was needed specifically due to incidents during athletic activities.
    • It is now mandated that recess must not be used as punishment and all elementary students are entitled to 15 minutes of recess.
    • Currently, SAF was brought the idea to make lunch account information available online.

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