• Advanced Placement Computer Science 

    Computer Science is a collaborative discipline that requires the communication skill of explaining processes in order to successfully develop programs that solve problems while working in groups. AP Computer Science Principles helps you understand how computing and technology influence the world around you. As part of this course, you’ll create digital projects, such as videos and mobile apps, to address real-world issues in the same way that writers, programmers, engineers, and designers would.

    Students will create projects like:

    • A travel app to plan what clothes to pack based on the destination’s weather
    • A program that identifies threats to cybersecurity and way to use the internet to address them
    • An educational app that helps children learn their ABC’s.

    Why Computer Science Principles:

    • Allows students the freedom to pursue their passion
    • Prepares students for many different jobs
    • Enables students to investigate computing innovations
    • Provides an opportunity to work together with classmates to solve problems


    Multi-Media Programs

    Students will become proficient in using the Adobe Programs, such as Dreamweaver, Animation, Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, Premier Pro and After Effects.


    Why take Multi-Media programs:

    • Gold Seal Scholarship
    • Adobe Certification
    • Online Credit