• Lyons Creek Middle School
    8th Grade Course Request Form

    STUDENT PLACEMENT: Students with level 1 and 2 on Florida Standard Assessment (FSA) will be placed into traditional core courses. Students with level 3 – 5 on the FSA will be placed into advanced core courses. Students meeting gifted eligibility will be placed in gifted courses. 

    ELECTIVES: Listed below are the courses that may be offered at LCMS for eighth grade. All eighth graders will take Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. Elective descriptions are located on lyonscreekmiddle.com and are subject to change. 

    Students need to choose 4 electives. Mark them in order of preference: 1, 2, 3 and 4.

    Every effort will be made to schedule students into the elective(s) of their choice. However, due to space limitations, your student may be placed in a course that they may not have selected. READING SUPERSEDES ANY ELECTIVE CHOICE. Please understand that requests for a specific elective are not a guarantee.

    • Beginning Physical Education (Basic Skills)
    • Advanced Physical Education (Team Sports)
    • Entrepreneurship/Marketing
    • Sports/Money Management
    • Art
    • Advanced Band
    • Intro to Chorus
    • Intermediate Chorus
    • Introduction to Piano
    • Music Appreciation
    • Music Production
    • Studio/ T.V. Production
    • Robotics
    • Debate (High School Credit)
    • Speech (High School Credit)
    • Introduction to Spanish (No High School Credit)
    • Spanish 1 (High School Credit)
    • Spanish 2 (High School Credit; Prerequisite – Spanish 1)



    To access the course selection card you must have your child's student number and date of birth. 

    1. go to clever.com 
    2. click on NAVIANCE link
    3. click on ABOUT ME on top right 
    4. click on MY SURVEY and complete NOT STARTED