Media Center Procedures

  • Media Center Procedures

    Check Out Procedures

    • The media center is open from 8 am until 2 pm on all school days.
    • Students check out books each week with their class at a time selected by their teacher.
    • Kindergarten and first grade students may check out one book. Students in grades 2 through 5 can check out two books.
    • Books are checked out for one week. The check out time may be renewed, as long as no one else has the book on reserve. 
    • Whisper voices should be used while visiting and working in the media center.
    • Books should be returned on time and in good condition.

    Book Care Procedures

    • Handle books with clean hands.
    • Keep books away from food, drinks, pets, and younger siblings.
    • Use bookmarks to save your place, instead of folding down the corner of the page.
    • Do not use pens, pencils, or erasers as bookmarks.
    • Turn pages from the corner of the page, not the edge.
    • Never draw or write in library books.
    • Protect the book from the rain or wet items in the backpack.
    • Keep books in a safe place at home to make it easier to find them on book return day.
    • If the book is damaged, please don’t try to fix it. Let the librarian know, so it can be repaired with the proper materials.

    Book Fines

    • Fines will be assessed for lost books and for damaged books, if they cannot be repaired.
    • Fines can be paid online by going to the website for Online School Payments.
    • If you have never paid online before, you will need to create an account.
    • If you already have an account, just log in.
    • You will need the student’s ID number.
    • There are instructions on the website, if you need help in completing the transaction.