Destiny Library Search

  • Follett Destiny is the library management system for the media center. Students can search for books, digital resources, or databases using this program. To explore our library, just type in a topic, title, or author on the search line below.

  • Students can also access Follett Destiny from Clever using the following instructions:

    • Go to the Clever Launchpad.
    • Select the Destiny Library Manager icon.


    • Type in Norcrest on the site search line, then click Go.
    • Click on Norcrest Elementary.
    • Click on Log In on the upper right corner
    • Click on Broward Clever SSO.
    • Click on Catalog.
    • On the Find search line, type in the topic, title, or author of interest.
    • Alternatively, on this same page, click on Destiny Discover, and type in the topic, title, or author of interest on the search line.