Online Resources

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    There are numerous websites available for parents and students to enrich their learning whether at home or in the classroom. Select a topic below, then click on the link to explore one of the many resources available.

  • Art

    Brush Ninja  allows students to create drawings, which can be downloaded as an image or GIF file.

    Google Arts and Culture  explores art from museums around the world.

    How to Draw 200 Animals has step by step instructions for making simple animal drawings.

    Metropolitan Museum of Art created #metkids to explore art in their museum through a map and timelines.

    Toy Theater has games on several subjects, including art.

  • Chess

    Chess4Life gives students a chance to play games against the computer or other players. It can be accessed by selecting the Chess4Life icon on the student’s Clever launchpad.

    ChessKid allows students to play chess games against the computer.

    Kid Chess has videos, explanations, and practice tools for learning chess.

  • Coding provides students an opportunity to expand their computer coding skills. Students can access the website by selecting the icon from the student’s Clever launchpad.

    Hour of Code allows students to experience computer coding in an animated game format with tutorials to explain common coding commands and how they are used.

    Scratch is a website for students to learn how to code and create their own games.

    Tynker has free coding games on their website. Parents can sign up students for a paid online coding course, after a 30 day free trial.  

  • Digital Literacy

    Be Internet Awesome teaches students the fundamentals of staying safe on the internet by playing a game called Interland.

    Carnegie Cyber Academy instructs students on searching the web and finding credible web sites for research and information.

    Digital Passport is a website created by Common Sense, which teaches students digital safety through playing games.

    NetSmartzKids teaches students about being safe online through videos, games, and activities.

  • Live Cams

    Clearwater Marine Aquarium has live cams in their exhibits including dolphins, sea turtles, pelicans, sting rays, otters, and clown fish. 

    Deerfield Beach Pier gives students the opportunity to look at local ocean life and conditions.

    Explore Live Cams is a great website that shows live cams in wildlife areas, such as bears in Alaska or bald eagle nests. They even include webcams in pet rescues.

    Monterey Bay Aquarium offers web cams of their aviary, penguin, otter, and sea life exhibits, as well as the open ocean. The cams only run live during certain hours, the rest of the time they show prerecorded video.

    Smithsonian National Zoo gives students a look into their mammal exhibits for lions, elephants, mole rats, cheetahs, ferrets and giant panda.

    Zoo Atlanta Panda Cam shows their giant panda exhibit.

    Zoo Miami MeerKam allows students peek into the meerkat exhibit at Zoo Miami.

  • Math

    ABCya is a website with educational games for PK to sixth grade.

    Arcademics  has educational math games for students at different levels.

    Cool Math 4 Kids is a website with fun math games for kids.

    Funbrain  has educational math games for students.

    Khan Academy is an educational website with courses in math concepts for all grades.

    Math Bingo is a fun game to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

    Math Playground has educational math games for students to practice math facts.

    MathChimp has math games, videos, and worksheets for students.

    Mr. Nussbaum Learning + Fun has a variety of educational content, including math games, activities, and worksheets. is a website with math games and resources to help students learn their multiplication facts.

    Prodigy is a math website that allows students to play games while learning and testing math knowledge.

    Study Jams is a Scholastic website that gives step by step videos explaining math concepts.

    Toy Theater is a website with games on a variety of subjects, including math.

  • Music

    Bensound Royalty Free Music is a website for downloading music that can be used when making projects and presentations. Arts Music Resources offers worksheets on a variety of topics, including music.

    Music Play Online shows lessons and videos on different music concepts for PK through sixth grade.

    Music Theory Online offers lessons, exercises, and tools for learning music theory.

    Toy Theater has games on a range of topics, including music.

  • News

    News in Education is a website associated with the Sun Sentinel and the Orlando Sentinel. The website is updated every Monday with news and activities for students to explore.

    Newsela provides news articles to students in grades 2-5. To access the site, just select the Newsela icon from the student’s Clever launchpad.

    Scholastic Kids Press is a website of current events articles by Scholastic Kids Reporters (ages 10-14) from around the country and around the world.

  • Parents

    BCPS Literacy Field Guide provides information to parents about improving literacy in their children. It also gives titles of books at each reading level in the Benchmark Assessment System, which teachers use to assess student’s reading growth. 

    Best Apps and Websites for Teaching and Learning  is a list created by the American Library Association.

    Best Digital Tools for Teaching and Learning is the 2020 list created by the American Association of School Librarians.

    Common Sense Education  gives reviews for educational apps and websites.

    CPALMS is a resource for teachers, parents, and students to find tutorials and additional resources on Florida Standards for education. This webpage offers videos on how to navigate the site and search for the desired standards.

    CPALMS Florida Students is a resource for parents and students to find tutorials and additional resources on Florida Standards. If your student is having difficulty understanding a particular reading, math, science, or social studies topic, then this website can provide additional help in that area. offers games, worksheets, activities, workbooks, exercises, and stories on many topics. The learning library can be searched by grade or subject. To download the information on the site, you will need to sign up for a free account.

    Florida Center for Reading Research is a literacy resource with worksheets and activities to help students improve their reading ability. Click on the grade for your student, then select the reading skill you want to improve or reinforce. The worksheets can be downloaded or printed.

    Florida Dept of Education (FDOE) provides a list of resources to help parents and students with learning over the summer and when learning online.

    eSpark Learning  gives instruction in reading and math targeted at the student’s current level. Parents need to sign up for a free account.

    Lexile Find a Book  helps parents locate books that are the right reading level for their children. Find a book based on lexile reading level, grade level, or topic of interest.

    National Center on Improving Literacy gives information and resources to understand and improve reading skills in beginning readers.

    PBS Kids for Parents offers games, activities, shows, and articles to help children learn, grow, and thrive.

    Prodigy is a math website that allows students to play games while learning and testing math knowledge. Parents need to create a free account. For a monthly fee, parents can open a premium account.

    Reading is Fundamental (RIF)  seeks to improve literacy with articles for parents, puzzles, activities, read aloud videos, reading passages, and author interviews.

    Reading Rockets offers a wealth of information on the basics of reading and how to help struggling readers. The site includes articles, resources, book lists, and author videos.

    Read Theory  is a website that helps students improve reading comprehension. Parents will need to sign up for a free account.

    Supporting Your Child’s Reading at Home is information on how parents can help their children become better readers. Click on the desired grade for information targeted to that level.

    UF Literacy Resources comes from the UF Literacy Institute. Select the age group of interest, then select information for parents or activities for students.

    We are Storytellers is about multicultural folk tales, fairy tales, tall tales, and myths. There are author interviews, activity guides, and a book list.

  • Reading

    ABCya is a website with educational games for PK to sixth grade.

    Arcademics has educational reading games for students. Select language arts or spelling from the subject drop down menu.

    Arthur  is a companion to the Arthur PBS show. It has games, videos, and activities for students.

    Axis360 links students to the e-book collection for the Broward County Library. When you arrive at the website, you will need to log in to access the e-books by clicking on the log in button in the upper right corner.

    Brightly is a website with read aloud book videos and articles about raising children who love to read. Also visit Brightly Storytime on YouTube for more read aloud videos.

    CommonLit offers reading passages for grades 3-12 with questions about the text and support tools. Parents can sign up for a free account. 

    Epic  is an online digital library for students. Teachers can sign up their students for access during school hours (Monday-Friday 6am to 3pm). Parents can sign up for a 30 day free trial, then purchase a monthly subscription for additional use after that time. 

    Flyleaf Publishing offers electronic books for students to read. The site is free for the 2020-2021 school year.

    Funbrain gives students the opportunity to read books online. Selections are marked with the age ranges that are appropriate for each book.

    HarperKids is a YouTube channel, which provides read alouds by the authors of their own books.

    Highlights Kids is a collection of activities, games, jokes, and topics to explore.

    Junie B. Jones  is a popular children’s book character. This website offers information about the books and characters, as well as games and activities.

    Khan Academy offers reading and math instruction for grades 2 and up. Parents can sign up for free. For younger students, ages 2 through 7, they offer Khan Academy Kids by downloading their free app.

    KidLit TV has videos for children to enjoy including book read alouds and their ready-set-draw series.

    Learning Chocolate is a vocabulary learning website covering a variety of topics.

    Magic Tree House  book series is featured on this website, including mission games, book lists and book summaries. 

    Mr. Nussbaum Learning + Fun provides games, activities, and worksheets on topics such as language arts, math, science, and social studies.

    Pinkalicious is a favorite children’s character. This site has information about the author and her books, as well as videos and fun activities.

    PBS Kids offers videos and educational games featuring the characters of the popular PBS kid shows.

    PBS Kids Reading Games are enjoyable learning games featuring PBS Kids characters.

    Read Works provides a collection of reading passages and questions for grades K-12 with the goal of improving reading comprehension.

    RIF Read Alouds is a collection of videos showing book alouds.

    RIVET Books K-3 offers a selection of electronic books for students in grades K-3.

    Robert Munsch is the official website for this humorous children’s author. Students can hear audio recordings of his books, learn about the author, or read passages from his poems or stories.

    Scholastic Learn at Home provides lessons in reading, math, and science. It is no longer a free access website. Subscriptions are available for $5.99 a month.

    Seussville celebrates famous children’s author Dr. Seuss. On this site, students can learn about the author, view video clips from Dr. Seuss shows, and play games.

    Spelling City offers games to practice spelling words. With free access, only four words can be practiced at one time. A subscription is required for greater access.

    Starfall provides reading, math, and music games for preK to third grade.

    Story Mentors provides online stories, videos, and activities for parents or mentors to read with their students. Parrents must sign up for a free account.

    Storytime from Space is a collection of videos with astronauts reading storybooks in space. They also give students information about their life in space.

    Storyline Online is a collection of videos with famous actors reading their favorite illustrated storybooks.

    Teaching Books gives students access to read aloud book videos or book audio recordings. It may be the whole book or just a portion of it. This site can be accessed by selecting the Teaching Books icon on the student Clever launchpad.

    Toy Theater has games on a range of topics, including spelling, word searches, and word scrambles.

    TumbleBooks has an array of books, which students can enjoy listening to online while looking at the book illustrations and text.

    Unite for Literacy Books for Growing Readers offers electronic books for students to read or listen to online. is a website that helps students build their vocabulary and compete in vocabulary challenges. It is only available for grades 5-12. Students can access this resource by selecting the icon on their Clever launchpad.

    Wilbooks provides a selection of electronic books for students to enjoy ranging from preK to third grade.

  • Reference/Research

    Brain Pop provides educational animated videos for students in grades 3 and up. The video of the day is free to watch. A subscription is required to watch other videos. The school has a subscription through December 2020, if the student selects Brain Pop on the Clever launchpad. 

    Brain Pop Jr provides educational animated videos for students in K-3. The video of the day is free to watch. A subscription is required to watch other videos.

    Britannica School is an online encyclopedia for students with information provided at elementary, middle, or high school levels. Students can access this resource by clicking on the link, then typing in the school code followed by the county, if an ID is required.

    Broward County Library Online Resources connects students with the resources and e-books provided by the Broward County Library.

    Creative Commons Image Search offers images to students to use when creating their reports and presentations. When using this resource, only the images licensed CC0 are in the public domain and can be used without attribution. is an online dictionary for finding the meaning or definition of words.

    Digital Public Library of America has primary source information on history, culture, and literature topics.

    Discovery Education provides videos on many education topics. Students can access this resource by selecting the Discovery Education icon on their Clever launchpad.

    EasyBib Citation Tool helps students create a citation for the bibliography section of their presentation or report. searches for information in over 200 online encyclopedias and references.

    Fact Monster is a student level resource for information about the world, US, math, science, language arts, and biographies.

    Florida Electronic Library is a website by the Florida Department of State Library Division that provides information resources. Search for information in Homework Help, Florida Resources, or Magazines and Newspapers.

    Follett Destiny is the management system for our library. At this website, students can search for books or e-books that are available. It also provides access to Britannica School, Gale, and SIRS information research sites and Teaching Books. It can be accessed by selecting the Follett Destiny icon on the student’s Clever launchpad, or by going to the Destiny Library Search page on this website.

    Gale is a research database. On Gale e-books, they offer online reference books. On Gale in Context, students can research topics and get links to newspaper, magazine, or book articles about that topic. Students can access the resource through Follett Destiny or by selecting the Gale icon on the student’s Clever launchpad. If an ID is required, please use the one printed the icon.

    Internet Public Library or IPL is a research website for students with references and information on topics such as the world, history, math, science, arts, health, reading, computers, and sports.

    Library of Congress is the world’s largest library online. Search the digital collections for primary sources including newspaper articles, photos, and letters.

    Library Media Resources is the media center website for directions on how to access BCPS library resources online.

    National Archives offers primary sources for research. Search for documents, photos, and records. Visit the educator resources for learning online activities. Sign up for a free account for DOCSteach, an online tool for teaching with documents, provided by the National Archives

    PBS Learning Media has videos, lesson plans, and interactive activities on topics including science, history, math, reading, technology, arts, health, and social studies. Create a free account to have full access to the site.

    Pics4Learning has free images that students can use in their reports and presentations.

    Smithsonian Open Access has millions of photos students can download and use in their reports and presentations.

    Sweet Search is a web search engine for students created by educators, researchers, and librarians. The engine searches credible sites, which have been vetted for their academic integrity.

    TEDEd Lessons Worth Sharing is a collection of lectures and animated videos about a range of topics that “spark curiosity in learners everywhere.” The search can be filtered by age group and type. gives students a place to search for a word’s synonyms or antonyms online. Image Search is a website where students can find free images to use for reports and presentations.

    Wide Open School is a website sponsored by Common Sense Media and others that provides distance learning ideas and resources for teachers and families. Wide Open School in Español is also available.

    Wonderopolis explores a new topic everyday, which they call the Wonder of the Day. There are over 2,000 topics that have been explored such as What is a Murder Hornet, What Do Your Intestines Do, and Who Was Bruce Lee.

    World Atlas provides information about the world, continents, countries, and social studies.

    ZoteroBib Citation Tool helps students create a citation for the bibliography in their report or presentation.

  • Science

    American Museum of Natural History features exhibits, video, and virtual tours of the museum. They also have a science website for students called Ology.

    Amazing Space provides information to students about space, astronomy, and physics.

    Bill Nye the Science Guy gives video clips and information about the episodes in the famous science series.

    Defenders of Wildlife has information about animal species that are vulnerable, threatened, or endangered.

    DK Find Out!  This website is created by book publisher Dorling Kindersley (DK) with information on topics such as animals, science, math, sports, earth, history, art, music, computers, dinosaurs, and transportation.

    Dyson Challenges offers STEM engineering activities for students.

    Exploratorium has videos on a range of science topics.

    Hubble Images gives a look into the universe with an array of photos from the Hubble telescope.

    Innovation Nation – The Henry Ford  has video clips and episodes about science and invention.

    Learning A-Z gives students a link to Science A-Z, where they can explore science topics and get science information. Students should select the Learning A-Z icon on their Clever Launchpad, then select Science A-Z at the top of the page.

    Library of Congress Everyday Mysteries has science questions and answers, such as What is the Smallest Flower in the World, Why Do We Yawn, or Why Does Chocolate Melt in Your Hand.

    Mr. Nussbaum Learning + Fun  provides games, activities, and worksheets on topics such as language arts, math, science, and social studies.

    NASA Climate Kids is a website with information about climate, pollution, weather, fossil fuels, and ecosystems.

    NASA Kids Club provides articles on different NASA topics such as the International Space Station, Curiosity Mars Rover, and the Hubble Space Telescope.

    NASA Space Place gives students information about the earth, sun, solar system, and universe.

    NASA STEM Engagement has STEM demonstration videos from the International Space Station, games, and activities. Additional videos on science questions and topics can be found by selecting the K-4 or 5-8 student web pages.   

    National Air and Space Museum provides information about exhibits at the museum, a photo gallery, and educator resources about aviation, space, physical science, and careers.

    National Geographic Animals has educational articles, videos, and photos about animals.

    National Geographic Education gives students access to issues of the explorer magazine. There are also classroom resources, such as articles, maps, photos, videos, and lesson plans on biology, earth science, and geography.

    National Geographic Kids has information, games, and videos for students on animals, science, and space.

    NOAA Elementary Resource provides connections to learning resources in earth science, life science, physical science, the scientific process, and careers.

    NOAA Resource Collections covers information on topics such as climate, oceans, weather, marine life, and fresh water,

    NOVA Education has videos on science topics including physics, engineering, nature, space, earth, and health.

    Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids has stories and activities from their magazine, as well as information on the moon and weather.

    PBS Kids Cyberchase provides videos, games, and activities using characters from the PBS TV show.

    PBS Kids Design Squad has videos about designing, drawing, and building new inventions.

    San Diego Zoo website has information about animals and plants at the zoo. It has categories by habitat and region.

    San Diego Zoo Kids is a student friendly site about animals with stories, videos, games, and activities.

    Science Buddies gives information on science projects, STEM activities, STEM videos, and understanding viruses.

    Science Fair Central provides information and ideas for science projects and how to investigate, design, and present your results.

    Science Friday is a website that provides science news every Friday.

    Science News for Students gives information on topics including life science, earth science, technology, health, and space.

    SciJinks Weather is a NOAA website for students that gives information on weather, storms, clouds, tides, seasons, and satellites.

    SeaWorld Parks Animals provides information about the animals that can be seen at these parks.

    Smithsonian for Kids connects students to activities, games, and information on science topics and collections.

    Smithsonian Learning Lab gives students an opportunity to explore the collections at the museum. Parents can create a free account.

    Stemscopes is a program that provides science lessons and activities. It can be accessed by selecting the Stemscopes icon on the student’s Clever launchpad.

    Study Jams has educational videos for learning science and math topics.

    Teach Engineering is a website that gives students and teachers hands on activities to demonstrate science concepts. gives information about today’s weather.

    Weather Wiz Kids answers weather questions and gives information about weather, natural disasters, and experiments.

    Zoo Miami gives students information about the animals living at the zoo. Their Zoocademy webpage has videos about different animal and zoo topics.

  • Social Studies

    Ben’s Guide to the US Government is a website for students to learn information about the US government including branches of government, laws, historical documents, and the election process.

    Florida Facts for Kids is a website created by the Florida Department of State with information about Florida history, governors, symbols, and Seminole history.

    Florida Memory is the state library and archives for Florida. It has primary sources for Florida history. 

    History for Kids is a free online history website for students including information on America, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient China, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome.

    This Day in History a special feature by the History Channel in which they describe a historical event that occurred on “this date in history.”

    iCivics provides free resources to teach and build civics knowledge for students. Parents need to create a free account to download the resources.

    Kids in the House gives students information about the US House of Representatives.

    Mr. Nussbaum Learning + Fun provides games, activities, and worksheets on topics such as language arts, math, science, and social studies.

  • Typing

    Dance Mat Typing is an introduction to typing and the placement of the keys on the keyboard with fun songs and animation.

    Nitro Type is a typing game that gives players typing practice while competing in a race against the computer or other typists. gives typing tips and practice to increase typing speed and accuracy.

  • Writing

    NaNoWriMo Young Writers’ Program is a creative writing website that challenges students to write stories. In November, they have a challenge to write a novel in one month. They have other challenges during the year. Students and teachers can create challenges as well. Parents or teachers will need to sign their students up to use this website.