• BCPS Participants - STIPEND Information - Part 2, Cohort 1 (March CS Prep Camp Participants)

     revised 7/31/30

    PART 2: 

    FTCE CS Ed Certification Test:  
     One stumbling block that many of you have found out is the lack of testing dates and nearby locations to take the FTCE CS Ed Certification exam due to the coronavirus epidemic.  FLDOE is aware of this and in answer to this issue, FLDOE has removed the requirement to pass the test by August 15, 2020.
    In order to receive the Part 2 stipend of this grant in the amount of one thousand, one hundred and fifty dollars ($1,150.00 - yes the amount has gone up!), you are still required to take this exam.  You don't have to pass it by August 15, 2020, as previously stated at the beginning of the program, but you still have to take it some time when you find the test date and location nearby.  Remember that the main goal of the grant is to increase the number of computer science teachers in Florida.
    In order to receive the Part 2 stipend of $1,150.00, you must:
    1) You have 3 options for #1:  a) Have attended at least 2 of the webinars given by the FLDOE after the March Prep Camp OR b) Completed at least 5% of the CodeHS Broward FTCE Computer Science Prep course OR c) You passed the FTCE Computer Science exam.
    2) Registered to take the FTCE Computer Science Ed certification exam. http://www.fl.nesinc.com/
    3) When you take the exam (each and every tries), upload a copy of your official score report - pass or fail (and if fail, the score break down that is on the official score report) here: https://bit.ly/FTCEresultsreport
    For the Part 2 stipend payment, we need the following from you:  
    1. A completed Teacher Voluntary Compensation Agreement (TVCA) for the Part 2 Stipend.  Download the attached blank form here.  Don't forget to sign it!

    2. Documentation:  Upload a copy of your registration showing your scheduled exam date for the FTCE Computer Science subject area exam in the form as well.  Sample documentation: sample_FTCE_documentation.pdf




    AUGUST 17, 2020:  DEADLINE TO COMPLETE PART 2 - Submit your Non-BCPS Stipend Agreement, Documentation, and the webinars/CodeHS % completed/you passed info. 


    Instructions on how to complete using Acrobat Reader:

    Download the latest Acrobat Reader - https://acrobat.adobe.com/us/en/acrobat/pdf-reader.html

    There are various ways to complete/sign the form:

    1) Via Adobe Acrobat Reader - if the form is fillable, just type in the blank fields.  You can sign also it in the application by accepting the signature styles in the application.  Directions https://helpx.adobe.com/reader/using/sign-pdfs.html

    2) Download the form, complete and sign it, and scan it.  If you don't have a scanner, 

    • Use your phone - download the CamScanner app and it'll scan whatever you take a picture of and save it as a PDF.  
    • iPhone - take a picture using the Notes app and it'll save as a PDF.