Mental Health and Wellness

  • Back To School 20|21

  • The District continues to provide crucial mental health and wellness support along with personalized one-on-one guidance, intervention, and grief recovery.  Our celebrated work on mindfulness is used at the start of the day and during breaks before, during, and after school hours. 

    • Mental Health and Social Services Intervention.  BCPS provides virtual crisis response and individual, family, and small group counseling. BCPS also offers students access to services for mental health, child abuse, homelessness, and social services.  

    • Mindfulness and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) toolkits to support daily mindfulness practices are available SEL and Mindfulness Resource

    • Family 10-Minutes of Mindfulness Toolkit was created to provide resources, training, mindfulness sessions and on-demand recordings. 
    • Schools spend the first two weeks of the school year focused on setting positive cultures in the virtual classroom while building relationships between students and teachers, as well as between students.  The District’s School Counseling Department is continuing to provide health and mindfulness lessons that deliver much-needed socialization breaks during the day and after hours.   

    To see the menu of mental health and wellness services offered by BCPS, please visit