• Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) continues to prioritize the use of technology for learning and ensuring all District families have access to reliable support.  The District is committed to: 

    • Making computer laptops or other learning devices available to all students and staff that need them. 
    • Providing low-cost, high-speed Internet access and connectivity to all BCPS families. 
    • Supporting staff, students, and parents in successfully utilizing tools in the eLearning environment. 

    The District continues to work with AT&T and Comcast to ensure access to these carriers’ home broadband internet services for low monthly rates as well as access to hot spots.  Both carriers also extended these offers through the end of 2020 and lowered income requirements to reach more low-income homes in Broward County. 

BCPS Technology Services

    • On-demand support during school hours and staffed by school-based Microcomputer Technicians (“Micro-techs”.) 
    • Access to Parent University webinars in multiple languages for parents. 
    • Training modules on eLearning tools and strategies for teachers. 
    • Courses in using Microsoft Teams and Canvas tools. 
    • A support “hotline” on Teams and hosted by certified teachers providing live instructional support each day between 3:30 and 9:00 p.m. for students needing assistance in core academic areas. 

eLearning Technology Support

    • The District is committed to improving eLearning tools and services while continually assessing student and teacher needs and implementing new tools to help them succeed as identified please review training manuals created as part of the District’s innovative Parent University.
    • Technical support questions and help will be answered by your child's school. Please contact the school through its main number and ask to speak to a MicroTech.  They can assist you with devices, learning applications and other technical issues you may be experiencing.

    The District will continue to improve these tools and services while also continually assessing student and teacher needs and implementing new tools to help them succeed. 

  • Questions and Answers

  • My student is using their own laptop. Does my student need to bring his or her laptop to and from school each day if they choose to return to in-person teaching?

    Yes. Students returning to face-to-face instruction are asked to bring their own or school-issued device to class each day.

  • If my student is using a laptop borrowed from the District, are they required to bring it with them to school each day?

    Yes.  If a student is using a laptop borrowed from the District and is in Grades 3-12, they are expected to bring it with them each day. 

  • Will the school provide a laptop for my student to use if they don’t bring one in?

    No.  Laptops will not be loaned on a temporary or day-to-day basis.  Due to health and safety concerns that have been heightened by the pandemic, students are discouraged from sharing any school consumable resources, including technology. Therefore, students are expected to use the same computing device — whether District-issued or personally-owned — each day to support their instruction. 

  • My student uses a desktop at home, so we never borrowed a portable device from the District. Now that they are back in school, they can't carry their desktops, so will the school provide a device for them to use?

    Yes.  Students in grades 3-12 are expected to use a computing device each day to support their learning — both remotely and/or in physical facilities. Students who already have a laptop or tablet are encouraged to bring their own device in to school each day. Students who do not have their own laptop or tablet may borrow one from the District. 

  • Will the school reimburse me if my student’s laptop or personal computing device is damaged or stolen?

    No.  Broward County Public Schools is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal property incurred either on or off its premises. Furthermore, any damage to Broward County Public Schools property (e.g., borrowed laptops) will incur an obligation within the meaning of school board policy, subject to disciplinary action pursuant to the Student Code of Conduct. 

  • How do I obtain a device for my child?

    Any student who needs a laptop device can obtain one by contacting their school to coordinate a device pickup.

  • What if I need technical support for my device or the applications my child needs to use on it?

    Please contact the school through its main number and ask to speak to a Micro-Tech. They can assist you with devices, learning applications including Canvas and MS Teams, and any other technical issues you may be experiencing.

  • Why do I need Microsoft Student Advantage? Does it cost anything?

    Microsoft Student Advantage helps students be more productive by communicating and collaborating more efficiently. Students can access and download Office 365 Education tools for FREE as part of the Microsoft Student Advantage program. This platform includes Microsoft Teams, the conferencing application BCPS is using which all students should have access to on their device. Please visit, to see an FAQ on this specific resource. 

  • The device BCPS loaned my student is not working properly. What should I do?

    Please contact the school through its main number and ask to speak to a Micro-Tech. They can assist you with devices, learning applications and other technical issues you may be experiencing. If necessary, the device will be replaced with a working device by your school.

  • I don’t have access to the internet at home. Can the District help?

    Yes. BCPS has partnered with AT & T and Comcast through the end of 2020 to provide families with high-speed, low-cost internet service. Please visit for information on both providers’ offers. Students and families experiencing extreme economic hardship are encouraged to contact their school principal. 

  • How can my child access teachers for basic help with their homework? Does the District provide tutoring for students on subjects like Math and Science?

    Yes. The District provides free homework help through its new program, Ask BRIA, which stands for Broward Remote Instructional Assistant.  Your K-12 student can get help with practically any subject from certified teachers, four days a week.  Visit for more information.  

  • What’s Ask BRIA?

    BRIA stands for Broward Remote Instructional Assistant. Ask BRIA is a homework support and tutoring service available free of charge, exclusively for K-12 students from 3 pm - 9 pm, Monday thru Thursday. It is staffed by the District’s certified teachers, administrators, staff, and subject experts.

    Ask BRIA is easy to use. Students simply:

    • Click on the Ask BRIA icon
    • Submit a short form indicating which subject they need help with.
    • Keep MS Teams open and wait for a callback from a subject expert or join a Teams meeting on your assignment or homework.

    Elementary students will get a call from a teacher who provides one-on-one homework support thru Teams.

    Secondary students are assigned to group Teams meetings on their specific topic. During the Teams meeting, students can ask questions, hear fellow students’ ideas, and get the answers or advice they need.

  • How is my child protected from viewing any offensive, sexual, or violent content on their device?

    The Information and Technology department manages an internet browser filter that restricts access to offensive content.