Latest Information on COVID-19: Return to Play

  • High School Athletics

    Broward County Public Schools and the Office of Athletics and Student Activities continue to monitor current trends with COVID-19 in Broward County.

    The top priority is to deliver the District’s athletic offerings in a safe and secure manner. Health and wellness protocols, established in accordance with guidance from the Centers for Disease and Prevention, local health experts and the Florida High School Athletic Association, have been in place since the start of Return to Play for fall sports and are ongoing.

    Below are resources for student-athletes and their parents/guardians, including updated Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, as well as information on protocols for spectators at athletic events.

    Prioritizing the health and safety of all students and staff remains our primary focus. If you have questions or concerns, contact Shawn Cerra, Director of Athletics and Student Activities.

    The FHSAA and BCAA requires student-athletes to complete specific on-line courses which are offered for free, prior to participation. Access the six mandatory classes.  

    All student-athletes are required to provide a completed athletic packet. These packets are provided by individual schools. Visit your school's website for more information.

    Covid-19 Broward County Testing Sites

    Updated 1/11/2021

  • Questions and Answers

  • What do I need to do for my student to be eligible to participate in voluntary strengthening and conditioning workouts and, ultimately, official practices?

    Student athletes need to have an up-to-date Pre-participation Physical (EL2), Consent and Liability (EL3) Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) forms, and appropriate insurance documentation. In addition, this year, a COVID-19 release form and six mandatory online courses must be completed to be eligible to play sports at school. Visit the BCAA website,, to access these courses. See your school’s website for more details on participation in athletics.

  • Does my child need to add a COVID-19 test to his or her medical clearance before being approved to play?

    There is no requirement for student athletes to have a COVID-19 test as part of medical clearance prior to participation.

  • Will students have access to bathrooms?

    Yes. Each school will identify restrooms for use by student athletes.

  • What should my student athlete bring with him or her while participating in sports?

    He or she should bring a towel, a personal water/hydration jug and a face covering. Students should wear athletic shorts, T-shirts (no half shirts, tank tops, or removing T-shirts), and sports-specific equipment, as needed.

  • Does my student have to wear a face covering during his or her outdoor workout/practice?

    Face coverings are required to be worn once the student arrives on campus and are expected to be worn the entire time while on campus. The only exception is during an active outdoor workout/practice or competition session, when face coverings do not have to be worn.

  • Does my student have to wear a face covering during his or her weight room workout?

    Yes. Face coverings are required to be worn once the student arrives on campus and are expected to be worn the entire time while on campus; to include weight room workouts.

  • What type of screening will take place for my student at the school, prior to participation in athletics?

    When an athlete arrives, he or she will be asked to fill out a quick survey, may undergo a temperature and/or pulse oximeter check. Once athletes are cleared, they will report to their designated locations.

  • What if my child’s temperature is high when he or she gets checked?

    If a student athlete presents with a high temperature (exceeding 100.4 degrees), he or she will be isolated for 5 –10 minutes and then have the temperature taken again. If the student’s temperature still exceeds 100.4, a phone call will be made to his or her parent/guardian and either the student will drive himself/herself home, or a parent will need to pick the student up from school.

  • My child tested positive for COVID-19, when can he or she join or resume sports participation?

    The student athlete will be asked to follow up with his or her health care provider. He or she is expected to quarantine for at least 10 days after the onset of symptoms and until 24 hours fever free without the use of fever-reducing medications. The student may be asked to provide proof of a negative test for COVID-19.

  • Are student athletes and their parents notified if another student athlete has tested positive for COVID-19?

    Yes. There are specific protocols for these scenarios. Student athletes and their parents will be notified of their specific situation and what next steps need to be taken.

  • What are the practice times for high schools?

    All practices/workouts cannot begin prior to 20 minutes after dismissal. All workout sessions should end by 8 p.m. Contact your school for details on workout times for specific sports.

  • Will student athletes be able to use the locker rooms?

    The use of locker rooms will be introduced on a limited basis during Phase 3 and will follow current CDC guidelines.

  • What happens if inclement weather rolls in during sports participation?

    Schools will have designated (shelter-in-place) areas for students to gather during inclement weather. Physical distancing will take place in the shelter-in-place locations.

  • Why are swimming/diving and golf no longer part of the fall sports schedule?

    Due to the late start to the fall sports season and current COVID-19 conditions impacting our community, there are currently not enough available pools and golf courses. As a result, the BCAA has moved swimming/diving to the winter season and golf to the spring season. These sports will be part of a tri-county (Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties) championship at the conclusion of their revised seasons.

  • What is the status of winter and spring sports?

    The BCAA has established timelines for winter and spring sports, which are subject to change.

    Winter sports: Winter sports: Winter sports practices resumed as of December 14.

    Spring sports: Official practices will follow the FHSAA’s posted timelines. Individual schools will communicate information about voluntary workout and conditioning sessions prior to the start of practices.

    For winter and spring sports, consult your individual school for details.

  • When will winter sports be permitted to start competition?

    Regular season games are tentatively scheduled to begin the week of January 4, 2021. Schools are permitted to compete in holiday break tournaments, if the tournaments have been approved by BCAA and are already on their athletic schedule.

  • Will schedules be shortened since we are getting a late start?

    BCAA's goal is to ensure all sports get to play prior to June 2021. Depending on current conditions, there is a likelihood that there could be a modified schedule, moving forward.

  • My school does not want to start on the date that is advertised, why not?

    Principals and site-based leadership have full autonomy to make decisions they feel are in the best interest of their student athletes, staff, coaches, etc.

  • Is Broward County going to be a part of the FHSAA this year?

    Broward County Public Schools is a member of the FHSAA. The FHSAA began fall sports on August 24, 2020. Broward County Public Schools, along with some other counties, was not prepared to begin fall sports at that time due to COVID-19 conditions. As a result, the District opted out of the FHSAA Fall State Series. As long as current COVID-19 conditions permit, the goal is to have fall sports competitions are underway among District high schools.

    The BCAA will opt-in for winter and spring sports FHSAA State Series.

  • Are spectators allowed at sporting events?

    Yes, under specific protocols. View the BCAA spectator guidelines.

  • What is the status of middle school sports?

    It is our intention to offer all middle school sports during the 2020/21 school year. Middle school sports are tentatively scheduled to begin after winter break.

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