Safety and Security

  • Back To School 20|21

  • Safety and Security Measures  
    As the District returns to eLearning, the primary focus of school-based security is the safety and security of students, staff and visitors on campus. Although there is limited student and staff presence on campus, schools will maintain the presence of a School Resource Officer (SRO) or Safe School Officer in addition to the school-based security staff assigned to the campus.    Changes to security staff will be discussed with principals and the Area Security Manager or the Campus Security Manager on an ongoing basis.     

    Security staff will check for identification badges and face coverings. In order to verify an individual’s identity, security staff may ask an individual to briefly lower/remove his or her face covering while using appropriate physical distancing measures.  

    There are restrictions in place for campus visits by the general public, vendors and contractors. Visitors are admitted to schools on a limited basis and by appointment only.  Front office employees and security staff are using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and are trained on protocols for safe interactions with visitors.  Schools are required to maintain accurate records of visitors, including (1) the reason for the visit, (2) contact information, and (3) locations visited in the event contact tracing and additional cleaning is required. District buildings have established routing instructions to avoid deliveries through employee or main entrances to minimize physical interaction and created elevator usage plans that align with physical distancing requirements.   

    Security Staff  
    Security staff have the necessary PPE including masks, gloves, and sanitizer. Prior to arriving at work for a scheduled shift, staff is expected to conduct a self-screening at home.  Workers must stay home if they feel ill. Safety and security training materials and schedules have been adapted for virtual delivery to all staff. Staff is participating in ongoing training on COVID-19 protocols based on the latest CDC recommendations and guidelines.