• Students arrive on campus between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. Parents are encouraged to aim for a 7:30 arrival to ensure they walk their child to the gate or get through the car loop on time. Traffic approaching the school becomes increasingly congested the closer it gets to 8:00 a.m. Depending on traffic, parents may find it faster to park at Sunset Park and walk their child to the school gate.

    Walkers and Bike Riders

    Walkers and bike riders may cross at the Nob Hill Road and Cleary Boulevard crosswalk. Crossing guards are available to assist students between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. at the four corners of Nob Hill and Cleary. Crossing guards are also stationed on Cleary at Sunset Park. A school resource officer (police officer) is also stationed on Cleary during certain days of the week.

    Back Gate Walkers

    The back gate leads to and from NW 7th Court from the southwest corner of the campus. This gate services students who live within walking distance of the back gate. This gate is a walk up gate ONLY. The Plantation Police Department will issue citations to drivers who drop off students at the back gate. The gate is closed promptly at 8:00 a.m.

    Car Loop Drop Off

    • All students arriving on campus by car are dropped off in the front car loop. The front car loop is entered and exited from Cleary Blvd and is the lane running alongside the school portables fence.
    • Students are dropped off in the DROP OFF ZONE. The DROP OFF ZONE is the area between the “First Car Stops Here” sign and the crosswalk at the portables gate.
    • The DROP OFF ZONE is clearly marked with signs along the gate and orange cones along the curb. The cones create a safety barrier between students on the sidewalk and the cars in the loop. Walking between the sidewalk and the cones is a safety hazard.
    • The purpose of the DROP OFF ZONE is to unload as many students as possible and as quickly as possible. Drivers need to pull up as close as they can to the “First Car Stops Here Sign” to allow other drivers to enter the DROP OFF ZONE.
    • Students should be ready to exit the car prior to entering the DROP OFF ZONE.
    • Students are ready to exit the car when their backpacks are securely closed, and all other items (projects, lunch boxes, jackets) to be taken to school with them are within reach.  
    • Students are to exit cars on the passenger side ONLY and immediately step onto the sidewalk with all their belongings.
    • A student has exited the car when the car door has closed behind them and the child and all their belongings are on the sidewalk. Exiting the car safely is important to ensure that neither the student nor any of his or her belongings fall into traffic or become trapped in a car door, wheels, etc.
    • Students are responsible for exiting the car on their own. If a child is unable to exit the car independently, parking and walking them to the gate may be a faster and safer option.
    • Adults will be stationed throughout the DROP OFF ZONE to assist children especially kindergarteners, to the school’s blue gate entrance. Student safety patrols are available to walk students from the blue gate to their class.
    • Once your child has exited the car, exit the school by going along the outer parking lot lane to the school entrance on Cleary Blvd. Turn right on Cleary Blvd. No left turns are allowed until after 8:00 a.m. Drivers attempting to turn left on Cleary Blvd., or who cross the double yellow lines to make an illegal turn during the morning drop off period are subject to traffic citations from the Plantation Police Department.  


    Parents who park and walk their children to or from the school gates are permitted to park in visitor parking on campus. Parking is also permitted at Sunset Park. Parking is not permitted on the swale on Cleary Blvd., between Nob Hill Road and Sunset Park.

    Cars pulling on and off the swale areas along Cleary Blvd during arrival and dismissal creates hazardous traffic safety conditions for all vehicles.

    Double parking on campus is NOT PERMITTED! Drivers must either use the car loops or park in designated parking areas. 

    Parking is also NOT permitted at the Lakes of Jacaranda apartment complex. Using the Lakes of Jacaranda swale or parking lot to drop off or pick up students is considered a trespass violation.