Inclement Weather

  • Rainy Day Dismissal

    On days when there is light or drizzling rain, all grades will be dismissed according to regular dismissal procedures.

    Severe Weather Dismissal

    The Broward County Public School system uses a number of WeatherBug Schools solutions to ensure schools are prepared to respond to rapidly changing weather conditions. State-of-the-art technology to monitor the development of severe weather activity (lightning, high winds, hurricanes, or tornados) for the purpose of alerting schools to potentially hazardous weather in their area. Live weather data from WeatherBug is integrated with information from the National Weather Service (NWS) and other weather agencies. Central Park Elementary uses WeatherBug Protect, which sends information specifically related to its location via a GPS-enabled phone.

    During heavy rain, or when there is a severe weather alert in effect, a severe weather dismissal will be called. If a severe weather dismissal is called, afternoon dismissal is delayed until the severe weather alert is no longer in effect. Students will remain in the classroom during the severe weather alert. Parents are notified of severe weather dismissal conditions no later than 1:30 p.m. via Parent Link. Once notified that a severe weather dismissal is in effect, our kindergarten walkers and Sunset Park gate walkers will become car riders in their carloop areas (kindergarten walkers need to be picked up by car at the blue gate and grades 1-5 Sunset Park gate walkers need to be picked up by car in the back carloop).  The only students that will be dismissed from the Sunset Park gate, once it is safe to do so, are students that walk home without an adult or ride their bike home.  Please use the car tag that was provided to you and hang it on your rear view mirror.

    All car riders and park gate walker students now going home by vehicle due to severe weather, will be walked to their carloop areas by classroom teachers ONLY when an announcement is made by the front office that our school weather bug radio indicates it is safe to do so.

    No parents will be permitted to walk onto the school campus.  Please stay in your vehicle until we bring the children out to the carloop areas.  Staying indoors reduces the risk of injury from severe weather conditions. 

    Click on Severe Weather Dismissal for more details.