Who is eligible to receive school bus transportation? 

    The eligibility of students to receive school transportation services has been defined in Florida Statutes (F.S.) Section 1006.21, to include the following: 

    • Kindergarten through grade 12 students whose homes are more than 2.0 miles walking distance, from the assigned school. 
    • Pre-kindergarten through grade 12 students with special needs or disabilities, regardless of the distance from home to school. 
    • All students enrolled in a Teenage Parent Program and the registered children of such students. 
    • Elementary age children who live within two miles of their assigned elementary school and who are subject to hazardous walking conditions as defined in Section 1006.23 F. 

    What are the expectations of students at a School Bus Stop? 

    We are asking parents to remind student of expected bus behavior while waiting at a school bus stop. Students should wear facial covering/mask always and wait at least six (6) feet away from other students. 

    What questions should be considered before reporting to school or work each day? 

    • Do I feel warm, have a fever or elevated temperature (100.4), or have the chills?  
    • Do I have a persistent cough, runny nose or sore throat?  
    • Have I recently had a loss of taste or smell?  
    • Has anyone in my household tested positive for COVID-19?  
    • Have I been in close, unprotected contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 (spent longer than 15 minutes within six (6) feet of someone who was sick with a fever and cough or confirmed/suspected of having COVID-19?)  
    • Am I feeling otherwise sick or ill today?  
    • Am I awaiting test results for COVID-19?  
    • Have I tested positive for COVID-19?  
    • Have I been told to self-quarantine or self-isolate by a doctor or District administrator?  

    If your answer to all the proceeding questions are “NO”, you may proceed to work or school. 

    How many students will be riding school buses considering the pandemic? 

    Seating capacity is no longer reduced. With students returning to school in person the student count on school buses will be based on bus capacity.

    Parents, we are asking you to inform and remind student(s) to follow the directions and instructions from the Bus Operator. This will include to wear a facial covering/mask, remain seated, avoid talking to practice safety as it relates to COVID-19. 


    How will students be seated on school buses considering the pandemic? 

    Bus Operators will assign student’s a seat considering physical distancing when possible. It is important for students to remember assigned seats to help with safety measures. 

    Parents, we are asking you to inform and remind student(s) to follow the directions and instructions from the Bus Operator.  This will include to wear a facial covering/mask, remain seated, avoid talking to practice safety as it relates to COVID-19. 

    Bus Operators will inform and provide instruction to bus riders and parents regarding these rules. 

    Is a face covering required on school buses? 

    Yes. Policy 2170-E: Face coverings request that a facial covering/mask must be worn while on a school transportation bus. 

    Will bus operators have spare facial covering for students, if necessary? 

    Bus operators will have spare PPE for students; however, parents are required to provide facial covering/mask for each student prior to boarding a school bus. 

    Can a student be issued a disciplinary violation from Code of Student Conduct for not wearing a face covering? 

    Students may be issued disciplinary consequences for actions determined to be intentional, insubordinate, defiant and not accidental or incidental, or when redirection and interventions have been disregarded. 

    How many face shields and masks will be provided to transportation employees and how often, especially gloves if we must clean after every school?    

    One face shield per employee and facial coverings/masks will be provided once a week.  Gloves will be provided as needed. 

    Buses that are equipped with air conditioning (A/C), are they working?   

    The SBBC has put forth all efforts to ensure buses with air conditioning (A/C) are working.   

    What should I do if a student refuses to wear or keep on his/her face covering? 

    Provide reminders and redirection in alignment to the school and/or classroom (school bus is an extension of the classroom) behavior plan. If the student does not comply with the redirection from staff and the action is deemed to be repeated disregard to the redirection, a disciplinary referral may be written. 

    While picking up a wheelchair student if a parent is not wearing a mask to present their child can a transportation employee request that the parent wear a mask?   

    We are asking parents to follow guidelines of wearing facial covering especially when physically distancing is not possible.  Transportation employees will not refuse to accept a student because a parent is not wearing facial covering/mask. 

    What happens if the student refuses to wear or keep on his/her face covering while on school transportation? 

    Bus Drivers may submit a disciplinary referral to the school administrator for a Level Two violation if a student does not comply with the reminder and/or redirection. 

    What factors may impact a student wearing a face covering? 

    Factors such as age, grade level, socio-economic status, socio-emotional, developmental and intellectual levels, ability and/or disability, and overall student rights and responsibilities will be considered. 

    Students with disabilities who are eligible under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504), and additional rights under IDEA or Section 504 and State Board Rule. 

    Yes. Policy 2170-E: Face coverings request that a facial covering/mask must be work while on school. 

    Will Plexiglass and sanitation equipment be placed on school buses? 

    At this time there are no plexiglass that meets the criteria that would enable installation on our school buses. 

    Will there be written or trained processes/procedures for the loading of students, handling special needs student that are not required to wear a face-covering due to medical reasons? 

    There will be students that are not able to wear masks.  We will get this addressed via IEP or 504 process. 

    Will, there be additional assistance placed on each bus for managing student wearing a mask. 

    No. Bus operators/attendants will need to monitor the students.  They should be given a verbal warning before issuing any punitive measures (i.e. referrals).  Please refer to SBBC Policy 2170-E, Face Coverings.  

    How will drivers/attendants be notified of students who are not required to wear face-covering while on the bus. 

    This will be indicated in the IEP or 504. 



    Will students be safe due to close contact with bus staff? 

    Yes.  Staff will be required to wear the proper PPE (i.e. Face mask) equipment when working with students, at all times. 

    If student can’t wear a mask, how will employees be kept safe? 

    All employees are required to wear the proper PPE equipment (ie. face mask) when working with students. 

    How often will buses be cleaned? 

    Buses will be sanitized between each bus run. Also, each night buses will be disinfected with Electrostatic Sprayer equipment (e-mist). 

    What strategies are encouraged to reduce transmission of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)? 


    Masks: Encourage consistent and correct use of face masks, by all students, teachers, and staff to prevent SARS-CoV-2 transmission through respiratory droplets 


    Exceptions for use of face masksinclude children under the age of 2 years and persons with or those who support individuals with cognitive, sensory, or behavioral issues. 

    Hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette: Teach and reinforce handwashing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and increase monitoring to ensure adherence among students and staff. Encourage students and staff to cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue and immediately wash their hands after blowing their nose, coughing or sneezing. Persons with disabilities may need assistance with hand hygiene. Learn more  about promoting hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette. 

    Cleaning and disinfection:Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces (e.g., playground equipment, door handles, sink handles, toilets, drinking fountains) within the school and on school buses at least daily or between use as much as possible. 

    Ventilation:Ensure ventilation systems operate properly and increase circulation of outdoor air as much as possible, for example by opening windows and doors. Do not open windows and doors if doing so poses a safety or health risk (e.g., risk of falling, triggering asthma symptoms) to anyone using the facility. 

    Will employees be required to submit COVID-19 test results before returning on-site? 

    There are COVID-19 testing guidelines. At this time, there is no requirement for all employees to be tested prior to returning on-site. 




    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 

    PPE will be necessary once the District transitions to a return to the physical campus. PPE will be provided to staff based on their individual role, recognizing those employees with higher risk of transmission will need an increased level of PPE. Identified below are additional specifics on PPE:  

    1. All students riding buses are required to bring and wear face coverings. 
    1. Drivers are required to wear face coverings when students are present. 
    1. On campus, staff and students are required to wear face coverings in all common areas, while in transit within the school, and whenever 6’ physical distancing cannot be observed. A face shield is an option that may facilitate better communication while teaching. Staff may remove face coverings when stationary or traveling, when 6’ of physical distancing is assured.  
    1. All students are responsible for supplying their own face coverings. Staff will be provided face coverings by the District.  
    1. Some students and staff may require more forms of PPE if physical separation is unable to be maintained, if physiological or behavioral characteristics necessitate, or if other site-specific conditions exist.  
    1. Face coverings must be worn properly, covering both mouth and nose, per policy. 




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