After Care

  • Our mission is to provide students with an inclusive child care program that is safe and nurturing in a comfortable environment. A culturally enriching program that promotes the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development of each child; and a program that meets the highest quality of child care standards.

    • After Care hours are from 2:00pm-6:00pm.
    • Early release day hours are from 12:00 pm-6:00 pm.


    • If your child is going to be absent, please send a written notice to the school or call the front office.


    • To sign out a child, the adult must go to the security office and show a valid photo ID.
    • The adult picking up a child must be on the registration form.
    • To ensure the safety of all children:

      • Parents must fill out the emergency sheet and adhere to the guidelines. Parents are urged to provide us with current telephone numbers and a list of authorized persons in case of an emergency.
      • Parents must go to the security office in order to properly sign out their child/children.

Registration and Fees

    • School Board Operated programs currently charge parents a registration fee per family. A family is considered one child or more. The fee is paid prior to entry into the program, and again for any re-entry throughout the school year. At sites offering credit card payments, you may use American Express, Visa, or MasterCard. Some programs allow for online payments via the Broward Schools online school payments.
    • Tuition for School Board Operated programs payment period (based on a typical 4-hour program) for a total of ten payments.  Fees are paid in advance for services and are due on the date scheduled. If payment is not made on time, students are withdrawn from the program.  
    • Online Registration & Parent Handbook
    • A late pickup fee is charged if students are not picked up by program close time. The third late pick up will result in an administrative review and may be cause for dismissal from the program.
    • Please refer to online school payments for a list of updated fees.

Registration Procedures

    • Parents MUST register their child in person
    • Parents should have their child’s student number
    • We ONLY accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express (NO CHECKS)
    • Payment MUST be made at the time of registration