Varsity Boys Soccer

  • Head Coach - Marc San Martano


    In one way or another football (soccer) has been a part of my life from the time I could walk. I’ve been a student of THE game for 40 years. My philosophy is simple: Teach the game. Using the most up to date professional training methods (example: whole-part-whole training used by Federation Francaise de Football) and sports science (example: biomechanics/physical/physiological training) to improve the individual player, I focus on teaching technique with a purpose. Each group has different social dynamics and needs; it is my role to build an environment in which the individual and group will develop. I am interested in the cognitive/psychological development of players. Knowledge breeds the confidence necessary to successfully use technique in the stress of competition. I use the most up to date pedagogical methods to transfer knowledge. The pillars of training are Physical, technical, tactical, psychological, and intellectual. These are integral to every one of my training session (situational design). I measure success one player at a time.

    U.S. Coaching experience

    * 2000 – 2010 – Travel coach (Hollywood Wildcats)

    * 2010 – 2012 – Athletic Director of Travel Program (Hollywood Wildcats)

    * 2012 – Present – Ft. Lauderdale Select

    * 2012 – Present – Boys Varsity Soccer Coach Hallandale High School

    Player/trainer experience - France

    * Youth Soccer Marseille

    * Player AS Red Star – (known as Red Star 93 today) – Paris, France (1976 – 89)

    * Trainer/Coach – for Player’s Rehabilitation post injury/ technical refinement


    * B.S. Microbiology/Physiology

    * Graduate studies and research – Molecular Biology

    * Universite Renee Descartes (Paris 5) – Etudes de Medecine

    Project : Coaching Manual (estimated publication date August 2017)

Hallandale High School