After Care

  • Ms. Barrett & Ms. Halley
    Aftercare Supervisor

    Bayview Bunch Phone Number: (754) 322-5433 

    Our mission is to provide students with an inclusive child care program that is safe and nurturing in a comfortable environment. A culturally enriching program that promotes the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development of each child; and a program that meets the highest quality of child care standards.

    Description of Services
    The daily program schedule will include:

    • Snack time includes Snack
    • Homework assistance (All students will be scheduled for structured homework time. Not all students will complete their homework during the allotted amount of time.)
    • Outdoor play
    • Academic enhancement
    • Access to technology
    • Other activities may include: cultural arts, cooking, science, STEAM, drama, or arts and crafts

      Bayview Bunch LogoBayview Bunch is Open During Early Release Days
      Early release day hours begin as soon as school is dismissed and run until program close time.

    Safety Information
    Drills – Several types of drills occur throughout the year. These include: Fire, evacuation, tornado, and lockdown. If you arrive to pick up your child during an active drill, you will be asked to wait until the drill has concluded and the “All Clear” has been announced. Please be patient, these drills are conducted to ensure the safety and security of your child.

    Active Emergency – If you arrive during an active “Lockdown”, no one will be allowed to enter or leave the building. You will be asked to wait off-campus. Once the children have been secured, the program will attempt to contact you via text, email, or phone to keep you informed. Once the “All Clear” has been called you may enter the school to sign out your child.

    During an active “Evacuation”, if a severe safety issue exists, students may be moved to an alternate location off-campus, for their safety. Once the children have been secured, the program will attempt to contact you via text, email, or phone to keep you informed as to where you can come to pick your child.
    All students attending the program are expected to follow the “Code of Student Conduct” for Broward County Public Schools (BCPS), and School Board of Broward County (SBBC) Anti-Bullying Policy 5.9.
    Inappropriate behaviors, including but not limited to, bullying and cyberbullying, are not acceptable. Students who cannot follow the daily acceptable behaviors will be placed on a “Behavior Plan”. The consequences for misbehaviors will vary from time out, missing an activity, suspension, or being exited from the program. If a student’s behavior endangers or injures another individual, the student may be immediately exited from the program.
    Students who have been suspended from the program due to behavior, may not attend until the supervisor has had a conference with the student and the parent. Fees will not be refunded for absences due to suspension. After three referral incidents, of which the parent has been notified, a student may be exited from the program. Students suspended from the school, may not attend the program during their suspension. Fees paid for those days will not be refunded. Students who are placed on “Internal Suspension” for the school day, may attend the program.

    For any other information please refer to the Parent Aftercare Handbook 2023 2024.


    • Mrs. Halley & Mrs. Barrett
    • Telephone: 754-322-5433
    • After Care: 2:00 - 6:00 pm

      Students must be picked up before program closing time. A late pick-up fee of $15.00 per 15-minute increment will be charged per family if students are not picked up by this time (i.e. 1-15 minutes, 16-30 minutes, 31-45 minutes, etc). The clock used for the time is the electronic sign-out system (PDMS) used by the program. All outstanding late pick-up fees must be paid before the next payment period begins. Any late pick-up fee not paid by the end of the pay period may become a “student obligation”. Excessive late pick-up fees may result in your child being dismissed from the program. If you are frequently experiencing difficulty picking up your child on time, please talk with the supervisor to discuss alternatives.

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