Pick Up & Drop Off

  • Parent & Visitor Parking

    During arrival and dismissal times, there is no parent parking available on our campus. 

    When coming for parent-teacher conferences, please remember to park in the Savanna Drive parking lot.  Parents will not be permitted to park elsewhere.  We can begin registering parents as early as 7:15 for your 7:30 conference time.  Don't forget to bring your driver's license!

    During the student day, parent & visitor parking is very limited on our school campus. There are a few spaces available in our front parking lot, either in designated spaces or along the driveway.  When parking along the driveway, parents must not park in the fire lane or along the yellow curbs or they may be issued a citation from the School Resource Deputy.

    The administration has asked that parents not drive over the concrete curbs or park vehicles on the grass.  Carpooling is highly recommended and encouraged. 

    Thank you for being involved at Gator Run!  We look forward to seeing you throughout the school year.