• Transportation School Opening 2021-2022.


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    We are excited and continue our preparation for school opening 2021. There are a few key questions and answers below that will assist you in getting your student ready for school as it relates to transportation.

    My student is eligible for transportation, where can I find Bus Stop information?

    Student bus stop information will be available via “Virtual Counselor”. It’s accessible by logging onto the District's web site https://www.browardschools.com/virtualcounselor. After a few simple clicks, parents can see bus stop information, grades, attendance records, test scores, and much more.


    How will I receive communication about my student’s bus stop information?

    The weekend prior to the start of school a “robo call” will be sent out to all eligible school bus riders telling them to check “Virtual Counselor” account for bus stop information.


    Does my student need a printed bus pass?

    No, your student will not need to give a printed bus pass to the Driver. A passenger list with eligible riders will be provided for each bus Operator. Please visit the front office of your student’s assigned school if have questions about the bus stop. The school will submit your request to transportation.


    What if I have questions about my student’s bus stop information or, I have no bus stop information?

    All schools have been provided transportation information for eligible bus riders. If you recently registered, please see your school and they will submit a request for school bus transportation.


    What are standard expectations for the first few weeks of school?

    During the first few weeks of school, normal bus times are often delayed by up to 30 minutes as routes are refined and staffed, drivers become familiar with their routes, and traffic normalizes.


    What are additional challenges that transportation is facing due to Bus Driver shortage?

    It has been highly publicized that a nationwide school bus driver shortage exists. According to a recent School Transportation News article, 80% of respondents surveyed said their school district or bus company is currently lacking drivers.

    How is the Transportation Department addressing its Bus Driver shortage challenges?

    We remain vigilant/aggressive in recruiting school bus drivers. We have, when feasible, coordinated “double-back” routing where the same school bus will pick up/drop off one group of students and then return for a 2nd group of students to the same school.


    Where can I find more information about my student’s transportation?

    Please visit the various links on transportation’s website Student Transportation & Fleet Services / Overview (browardschools.com) for more information.


    What safety precautions are in place to address the pandemic?

    Broward County Public Schools has many safety precautions in place. All employees are provided with personal, protective, equipment (PPE), and cleaning supplies to ensure the safety of students. Also, masks are mandatory considering the difficulty to physically distance on a bus.  Note: students with a medical condition can apply for and may be granted a waiver. All buses are sanitized every night.

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