Report Card & Interims Video Tutorial

  • Middle school students taking high school classes will only receive one report card with both the middle and high school grades (previously there was a report card for middle school classes and a separate report card for high school classes taken in middle school). 
    Report cards include weighted quarter GPAs only. Middle school students taking high school classes will see both the middle school and high school weighted quarter GPAs. Middle school report cards will include only report card grades.
    How to Access Report Cards
    • Have your student sign in at, just as he or she does every day at school. (Broward's Single Sign-On/Clever for Students)
    • Log in with your child's 10-digit FSI # (0600000000)
    • The password is your child's date of birth: PMM/DD/YYYY
    • Once on the student’s Clever LaunchPad, look under My Applications for the Virtual Counselor tile. Click on Virtual Counselor.
    • Once logged in, there will be a link on the main page that says, "Marking Period Grades." Click on the link to view your child's grades.