After Care

  • The Firewall Centers THINK Leadership program is committed to providing quality services for your child that promote their positive development. The program provides daily opportunities for participants to achieve academic success, build character, and transform into servant leaders. We also promote healthy development as students build supportive relationships with adults and peers, establish community connections, and participate in meaningful activities and learning experiences all while supporting their physical and emotional safety. Firewall Centers enhance a student's program experience by providing daily educational support, including homework help and tutoring, as well as maintaining open communication with teachers, guidance counselors, and school staff.

    In essence, the THINK Leadership program aims to provide young people with culturally competent, holistic services designed to promote personal inspiration and enhance students' well-being in a supportive environment.
    All Firewall staff have received a Level II background screening by the School Board of Broward County. We hope that you will get to know us and consider us not just a support system, but a partner who walks alongside your child to help them succeed academically, behaviorally, and socially.

    We are making a commitment to provide these components:
       • A supportive and loving environment
       • A safe, daily afterschool program to learn and achieve goals
       • Academic activities (homework help, tutoring, and STEAM)
       • Social/Emotional and Prevention program (PATHS Curriculum)
       • Nutritional/Health & Fitness (CATCH Curriculum)
       • Performance/Cultural Arts and other engaging activities


  • Eligibility
    A child must be enrolled and attend the participating Broward County School to attend Firewall’s THINK Leadership program. Staff to Student Ratio Firewall’s THINK Leadership Program strives to maintain a 10:1 student to staff ratio or better throughout program time. Each student is assigned to a mentor/tutor to help with daily activities and a Site Supervisor to oversee the site. Our Program runs on a sliding scale fee that is based on income and household size and is paid monthly. 80% of our families served don’t pay a penny!   

    Attendance Policy
    Firewall students are expected to attend the program in-person on a daily basis in order to fully benefit from the services. It is the responsibility of the parent to notify center staff of excused absences. Students are required to participate daily. We will keep attendance records for each student. Parents will be contacted if their student does not attend the Firewall after school program. Excessive tardiness and absences from the program without a valid reason could result in termination from the program. At Oakridge Elementary School, students are picked up directly from their classroom after school ends. If a student is not in the classroom for pickup, they are marked absent and the parent will be notified. Dismissal will be conducted with a Campus Monitor on the pickup line after program hours (2:00 pm-5:00 pm).

    Roles & Responsibilities of the Parent
    Parents and guardians are responsible for the following:
       • Complete the Firewall registration forms
       • Excuse Absences
       • Keep Contact information updated
       • Encourage Student Participation

    Discipline Policy
    The philosophy of our program is that respect be shown to all. Praise and positive reinforcement are used to establish an environment of good will. Sometimes discipline is necessary in order to continue operating an effective program. While our staff members are tolerant and understanding, disruptive behavior is addressed when necessary.
    Should a problem arise, the child is first counseled by the Site Supervisor in an effort to correct the problem. When counseling is unsuccessful, our secondary measure is removal from the session. The student will be allowed to re-enter a session, once they speak to a Mentor/Tutor or Site Supervisor. If behavior does not improve, the student’s parent will be contacted. 

    Policy for Youth with Special Needs and Disabilities
    Firewall makes every effort to accommodate the needs of each child. We also do our best to refer students to any alternative or additional services that may benefit them.

    Non-discrimination Policy
    Firewall does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnic origin, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

    Lost Items
    Firewall will not be responsible for any lost, broken, or stolen items. 

    Grievance Procedures
    Firewall Centers values all concerns voiced by program participants. Every effort is made to address each situation as swiftly as possible. Concerns regarding the Program should be addressed by the Success Coach.