National Honor Society

  • JP Taravella High School National Honor Society Membership Requirements 

    Period of Eligibility

    Students may become eligible for membership in the National Honor Society ONLY at the beginning of the second semester of their Sophomore or Junior year. Applications must be obtained from the Advisor.

    Membership Requirements

    The qualifications for membership in the National Honor Society Chapters of all Broward Public High Schools will be in compliance with the general requirements as set forth in the Handbooks of the Florida Chapter of the National Honor Society and of the National Honor Society itself. That is, achievement in the following four areas will be necessary for membership: Scholarship, Service, Leadership and Character.


    Students are assumed to be of good character unless there is documentation of disciplinary action taken by the school, community or state for serious or persistent misconduct on the part of the student.


    It will be necessary for a student to accumulate 30 hours of documented service from the time of the student’s entry into high school to be eligible for NHS membership. Only service hours that apply to The Student Volunteer Service Program and documented on the forms provided for use in that program will be accepted as verification of service rendered.


    Achievement in the area of Leadership will be determined by:

    1. Documented evidence of election, appointment or experience in two leadership positions in school sponsored organizations or functions. The documentation must be provided by an adult involved with the organization or the function or a school administrator.

    2. Letter from a teacher administrator or other school staff member documenting two specific instances in which the student demonstrated leadership.

    3. A combination of one example of leadership from both 1 and 2 above.

    4. A combination of one example of leadership from either 1 or 2 combined with a letter from a community leader, a religious leader or an employer documenting a specific instance in which the student demonstrated leadership.

    Receipt of the documentation or letters will be considered as proof of leadership. Recommendations will not be accepted from members of the student’s family.


    For more information Contact Ms. Bolden  Rm 812