Related Arts

  • Visual Arts

    The primary goal of the Visual Arts program is to enable students to develop their minds and intellectual capacities using all forms of creative intelligence. The art curriculum is based on concepts related to:

    • The elements and principles of art
    • Art History
    • Art criticism
    • Aesthetics

    The concepts are sequential from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.  Broward County Public Schools offer a rigorous curriculum of two-dimensional and three-dimensional art experiences, which are organized to broaden the understanding of three aspects of art as a subject:

    • The making of works of art involving various materials and processes
    • The knowledge of art objects in relation to culture
    • The critical evaluation of art

    The Visual Arts are part of Core Curriculum in Broward County Public Schools.  Creativity and self-expression are nurtured allowing students to solve problems and think critically. Through an integrated, interdisciplinary approach, the arts provide a safe environment for the evolution and resolution of ideas. Students are challenged to be active participants in a program with high expectations.

    Guiding Principles:

    Art is essential for a well-rounded education.

    Art education provides unique opportunities for self-expression and self-reflection.

    Study in art education improves student achievement, enhances test scores, attitudes, and builds critical thinking skills.

    Students who participate in art class exercise and develop higher order thinking skills including analysis, synthesis and artistic problem solving.

    Art production merges learning of process with content in all other curricula areas.

    Art creates a seamless connection between motivation, instruction, application and assessment that leads to deeper understanding.

    Through creative discovery, art motivates learning and teaches discipline through concrete rewards of hard work.

    Quality art education builds individual, school, and community pride.



    Physical Education

    The Health and Physical Fitness program hosts several special events throughout the year.   Our annual Field Day is held in May for all grade levels.  The Extreme Health Challenge is offered in January and our Annual Golf Event is held in the month of February.   Twice a week, all students are given an additional opportunity to exercise with fellow students leading the exercise via our school wide television program  " Exercise to Be Fit".