New Students

  • Age Requirements


    Child must be 5 years old on or before September 1st of registering school year.
    First Grade

    Child must be 6 years old on or before September 1st of registering school year and must have been enrolled in a public school or must have satisfactorily completed kindergarten in a nonpublic school.

    How to Register for School

    So you want to register your child in our school?  No problem!

    First, make sure that we are the correct school.  To find out the school(s) assigned to your home address, you can either use our School Locator feature or call the District's Innovative Programs Department at 754-321-2380. You must provide your specific street address and your child's grade level and the office will determine the correct school your child is supposed to attend.

    We’re receiving registrations via email or on paper. If you choose to send the registration packet via email, please fill out the above forms and send them to me in a PDF file (no photos, please) or if you decide to bring a hard copy of the documents, print them out and drop them off at the main office.

    The following information also needs to be included to complete registration:

    * Mortgage statement/warranty deed, or Lease contract

    * Student Housing Questionnaire (Must be notarized)

    * Sharing housing form (when applicable) (Must be notarized)

    * Utility bill

    * Copy of driver's license

    * Last report card (when applicable)

    * Birth certificate

    * Physical within last year, updated Immunization 680 form (from a Dr. in Florida)

    If sending via email, please send these items as a PDF. Photos cannot be accepted.


    Next, please click each of the links below for forms and instructions on how to begin the registration process:

    How to fill out a PDF

    Registration Form

    Student Housing Questionnaire

    Shared Housing

    Emergency Contacts

    Dual Language Survey 

    Uniform policy

    Tops: Short or long sleeve pique cotton collared polo style shirts with the approved Indian Trace logo (School logo is not mandatory). Polo shirts may be in Navy, White, Red, Light Blue or Hunter Green (Dark Green).

    Bottoms: Pants or shorts in classic or cargo style, capri pants, skorts, skirts, or bib jumpers.  Shorts, skirts, etc. must be Navy, Khaki, or Black and must reach the end of the student’s fingertips when the arm is held down at the side.

    Sweat pants, lycra, spandex, oversized pants, and jean material are NOT permitted.

    Footwear: Athletic shoes are recommended; however, students may follow School Board policy regarding footwear. School Board policy prohibits the following: sandals, flip-flops, bedroom slippers, zorries, or any other backless shoe.

    Tee Shirts: Indian Trace tee shirts are permitted on Fridays.

    Jackets and sweaters may be worn but not in place of an appropriate top.



    4432 N. University Drive Lauderhill, FL 33351

    (It’s located at the intersection of 44th with N. University Drive in front of the WAWA Gas Station.)

    Phone: 954-749-1936 / 954-749-1268    Fax: 954-718-7060

    Customer Service:


    If you need more information, please contact our Registrar Claudia Cortes by email: or contact the school at 754.323.6300